Not Yielding Very Good Results

Getting to the point I am 32 5’6" and a 180 lbs I have been lifting for a about 2 months before I started a cycle with (stan 10mg{quality-vet 100 tabs}, metandiol 10mg{pet pharma 100 tabs}) i was taking a combine 60mg a day. after a 3 week break my next cycle (d-bol 10mg{denkall 100 tabs}), (stanazolic 10mg(denkall 100 tabs}) and i was taking a the same combined 60mg a day…

is there way for me to find out the correct dosage and other supplements that i can take after my cycle cause i am not yielding very good results

Are you fucking retarded? Two months lifting and you were ready to start steroids.

I think I’d have to agree with the retarded verdict.

I hope you at least have all the PCT you need and that your drugs aren’t fake.

you know that song that says “let’s get retarded!” … i don’t really think that this planet needs any more encouragement. seriously. wtf. i only lifted for 2 weeks before i started juicing. 2 months … idiot


The end is near!

Please oh please tell me this is a joke.