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Not Wanting to Hang Out with Someone


I was with a girl the other day, and having a decent time, then she mentions she lost 130 lbs. My ears perk up because I assume she's interested in health/fitness, which is something I enjoy. Nope. Gastric Bypass. Am I an asshole for thinking that shit is insane? You're basically saying "Doc, I have no ability to control myself, so I need you to GUT ME, hack my stomach into pieces, REROUTE my mangled intestines, and then sew that shit back up". The operation can be done to to treat morbid obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc....except all of these conditions can be treated by....losing fucking weight naturally.

The fucked up thing is, you have to lose weight before you get the surgery usually, to show the doctors you're serious....JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DID TO LOSE THE FUCKING WEIGHT. Alright, I'm done ranting, but fuck. How fucking lazy/fucked up do you have to be that "putting the fucking fork down" is a less appealing option than having your guts scrambled?

I only ask because a few people said I was a horrid person for feeling like this...I just figure I'm avoiding someone with a fatally lazy streak.


It's the only hope for those with no will power. It's absurd though.


I know what you mean. A big part of the world is starving to death and in this country, some feel we have to pay to make sure we don't over eat. It's disgusting in a way but it's probably no different than any other kind of addiction. I struggle with this too. My sympathy for fat people only goes so far. Many just eat what they want to their heart's content and then act like victims when it suits them.


I've known a couple of people who have done things like that, and paid out of pocket. These people only wanted to lose 20-30 lbs not 130 I don't get it


I think the hypnosis is a much healthier way to go about tackling overeating than getting your stomach ripped into.


She's going to get fat again. Run away!


They had an operation to look better... same as tits, botox, or a nose job. Yes, you can lose weight, but you can't get a "better" nose.... I'm not saying this is an appropriate mindset, but it is there, and people are just too happy to cash in on it... same as anything "beauty" related is now part of "wellness."

In the same vein, I was dating a girl who I found out had a breast reduction surgery. She said it was because of all the back issues. I was just thinking, "Or you could just strengthen your back." I was kind of turned off, but we kept dating. Then I left the country and never saw her again.


Show her the ass cheek pics you posted on T-Nation. She won't be bothering you any more.




To answer your question OP, you're not an asshole, just a human being with the same struggles to accept other's flaws/imperfections/values....

It's topics like this that remind me how lucky I am (we are) to love working out. I got bitten by the bug at 17 and never looked back. My wife struggles with her weight and unfortunately working out is one of the few things we don't have in common. Sometimes it bugs me and other times it's a reminder how good I have it to love bodybuilding.





I was just about to mention those.


Okay think about this, you have a skinny chick with a fat chick mentality.

She could suck start a harley and go out and eat chicken wings afterwards.

Ride if like a moped and then ditch quickly.





Am I wrong :slight_smile:


HAHAH. Best and most accurate post! Does she look good now? I imagine if she's young enough the skin is still elastic enough maybe?

As an aside, my dad had a sleeve gastrectomy done (same end goal, different process). Yes, I think it is a rather lazy way out and I'm sure it leads to all other sorts of nutritional issues in the future but honestly, he's been a big man since I was young and it wasn't getting better even when he cleaned up his diet (seldom exercised). Now he's dropped down over 100lbs and is feeling a hell of a lot better. To him it was worth it and if it can improve his life in a way that he wasn't able to, I'm ok with it too and happy for him.


I don't care how she lost 130lbs...her body is guaranteed to be jacked up loose skin, fucked up looking rack for sure. I30 lbs is a ton but I hate when some women lose 10 lbs it seems like they just lose their rack and that's it..should be against the law.


As a post-script, once I cut that year my ass got rather svelt. I do still have those pics though. Maybe I should use them as an example of what will happen if she doesn't start paying attention to what she eats, and exercising?


The procedure itself had a 2-3% mortality rate that goes with it. I knew one girl, she rented across the street from us. She was 400 lbs, had the surgery and died less than 6 months after. Too much like messing with mother nature. One of my wife's friends had it done about 5 years back, lost 150 lbs, but now she has these flaps of fat hanging everywhere.

And what is fucked up, health insurance providers go totally along with this easy-button mind set. I worked with a lady that had it done, still ate like she's going to the gas chamber, now she's fatter than she was prior to the procedure.



Alright, since noone else will do it and you actually deserve it, thats a nice ass.

As far as I can, you know....

Ask Emily.