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Not Using Test Cyp 250

i have recently purchased many bottles of test cyp 250 with the intentions of running a cycle withe it and deca 250,prior to beginning my cycle a friend of mine suggested that enthanate 300 would be a better cycle for me in his opinion,and he would know since hes been body biulding for 20 plus years,

anyway my question, is there anyway to recoop my money on the test cyp without putting myself in danger of being locked up im not trying to go around asking guys if they want it,is there a way to handle this or a special place something like this can be handled im sure im not the only one who has had exra test and was not going to use it so i figured i ask if anyone had any personal experience with this matter before… any input or ideas would be appreciatted …Thanks

Do some research. Cyp and enan act the exact same. Skip the deca if it’s your first cycle (skip it anyway because you haven’t done any research and probably don’t have any prami/caber on hand).

I agree with TBItruck89. Do run the cyp, there’s no difference and your friend is a fool and you disregard his future advice.

Do not run the deca, that would be bad. Get some PCT.

Before you do anything you need to read more, you know nothing, and that’s dangerous.