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Not TRT – Vasectomy and T Level Question

Sorry if this is not the place for this. But honestly – I have not idea where else to go.

I’m booked in for a vasectomy. I have kids, don’t want any more. Wife has complications that make the oral contraceptive not great.

I’ve been researching and there seems to be the evidence that a vasectomy can lead to lower T. However all the sources I find link back to the same study. Done a back in 1995. Aside from that – I can’t find anything. And I’d have hope to have seen a range of studies before making my mind up.

Does anyone here know “the facts”?

Will the procedure increase my risk of low T?
How long will this take to manifest?
Are there other complications that might come to the fore?

Thanks for any help.

I don’t have the answer but I had a vasectomy 8 years ago. I don’t have T labs from before the operation though. I know that I eventually ended up with low T but all signs point to me always having low(ish) T.

We see it often here on T-Nation, vasectomy resulting in low testosterone which is irreversible in most cases. There are always risks involved in surgeries, the body can respond negatively wherever you go messing around inside the body. That’s why you must sign a release form.

The time to experience low testosterone after a vasectomy can be immediate or take weeks or months to occur.

I’m also strongly bias and against using any form of birth control, I like to not screw with normal, natural bodily functions.

TRT can make for an excellent form of birth control, 65% become infertile but am in know way suggesting TRT as a form of birth control if your testosterone is at a healthy level.

A man’s true measure of health status is sperm quality and production.

I do not recall you being on HCG or Clomid and since you are on TRT you are chemically castrated. Exogenous T was proposed as a form of male birth control a few years back. You’re on it but just unaware.

I don’t have the facts. Just my story.
I was cut in 1985 after my daughter was born I was 32. I did not experience low T until my early 50’s It came on so gradual I did not een notice it I just assumed at my age interest in sex was suppost to go away and since my wife was going thru her change in life she had no interest in sex either. We both joined Defy and that has all been fixed now.

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I have no experience to share …

Both of the guys I know well who have had Vasectomies, none of them experienced any problems. One just hit 60 and is noticing a decrease. The other is in his late 40’s and is still trying to hump furniture.

But I also have another friend who believes in a similar to study to what you have said … in which men after a vasectomy experience a substantial decrease in T levels.

My vasectomy most definitely caused a decrease in my T levels, however I had pretty bad complications from an infection after the surgery. I know several guys who have had a vasectomy and did perfectly fine. Even in my case I still consider the vasectomy worth while. I have 4 healthy children, don’t want any more

This made me laugh! I have a friend who got one years ago and he is in his 50s now. Different girl every week! Didn’t slow him down any.

thank for all of the replies.
So far the room seems pretty split. But it feels like there is a genuine possibility the procedure could lower my T.
I will ask the doctor when I see them next. I don;t want to be 40y/o and have diagnosed low T.

I just wouldn’t mess with something that is connected to these hormonal negatives. It is not worth it IMO.

Just pull out and have sex when the wife is Not ovulating.

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As much as the rhythm method worked for my wife and I for 10 years its not effective birth control for most. And you don’t want a mistake when you are done having children.

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