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Not training long enough?

I used to work out with a partner and we’d do like 4 sets for 4 or 5 excercoes per bodypart and sometimes 2 bodyparts per workout…it was taking almost 2 hours per workout and I knda liked it. Then over the last 5 or 6 years I’ve started training more and more by myself with less sets and less excercieses and usually 1 bodypart per workout…for example today I deadlifted 3 sets, 1 failure set of stiff legs afterwards, the bent row for 3 sets, close grip row for 3 sets, 3 sets of wide chins. It took me about 35mins…is this too short?

Lifting weights for 2 hours is not the right thing to do, unless your juiced to the gills. You’ve been reading Flex Mag haven’t you? Trying to keep your intensity up and finishing with in 90 minutes, or even better 60 is the key. If you are doing that many sets and finishing in 35 minutes are you going for stamina and aerobic benefits? I do not see how you could be lifting heavy, to include warm-up sets, and doing that many sets with in 35 minutes. It takes the body about 2-5 minutes to recuperate from a heavy 6-8 rep set. Only after an adequate break between sets should you jump back under the iron. When doing deadlifts, you should do a 2-5 rep range, and rest about 4-5 minutes inbetween lifts. Deads are good for strength phases. Your question needs to include what type of phase your in, hypertrophy, strength, fat-loss. And how far along you are in training, a beginner with under 2 years of ‘strict’ training, you should train at least 2 bodyparts per workout. A beginner should be careful not to overtrain smaller groups like biceps (work them often but with basic movements). If you are more advanced and have a good deal of muscle, then one large bodypart per workout is better. It goes to the fact that “every workout is a kidney workout.” When you start to use heavier weights your organs are required to filter more and more crap from your blood, and your organs don’t hypertrophy. So you need to adjust your split for more time inbetween workouts for each bodypart. Also, save the stiff leg deadlifts for hamstring workouts, in my opinion… and there is nothing better than barbell rows after deadlifts, the weight seems so light in comparison. I hope I didn’t lose track on what your ultimate question was… OUT HERE