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Not training enough?

Hi guys, I don’t think I train enough or long enough, I am doing the Don Alessi routine “Tripledecker Delts” and it has been great but I noticed something interesting in that I have been getting leaner doing this routine as well as getting bigger delts and my diet has stayed the same…I normally train 4x a week(Mon-legs, Tues-chest and Abs, Thurs-Back, and Fri-shoulders and Arms) due to time restraints I do each body part once a week as shown…My question is why am I responding so well to this routine and losing fat as well…this is what I have wanted is to get leaner and bigger…is it the volume of work compared to what I do normally? Usually 3 excercises for 4 sets each and I vary the reps, speed, and rest between sets…what’s up with that? Have been undertraining all this time?

You said you…

Usually [do] 3 excercises for 4 sets each and I vary the reps, speed, and rest between sets

The number of sets and exercises you perform should also vary, preferably in accordance to the intensity used.

But to answer your original question: weightlifting 4 days per week is plenty. If you feel you’re out of shape do a forum and site search on ‘GPP’.

Don’t really know as we don’t know what you’ve been doing with yourself before Alessi’s program. While it might be that you were undertrained, it also could just be the fact that you’re providing a new stimulus to your body, and your body’s responding positively. Another option is that you’ve somehow changed your diet/supplements/cardio at the same time you started this routine. Either way, it doesn’t matter a whole bunch as you’re now getting what you’ve always wanted: simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain.

Have you been tracking your progress so far (bodyfat measurements, weight, tape measurements)? They all could tell you something about what’s been happening to you. (For example, you may not actually be getting bigger; you may just look bigger since you’re leaner.) Bottom line: if you’re happy with things and you aren’t feeling overtrained, then just keep doing what you’re doing. Once that program ends, take a maintenance week to let yourself rest a little, then pick another program with similar volume and you should see continue to see further progress.

That is good advice, I figured I would be burnt from doing shoulders 3x a week but I feel great, I was thinking of going heavy for 3 weeks on all basic excercises after this then hit the Melt down training to get ripped, I am wondering now if that total number of sets or work or the combop is what’s working but I’ll try to flip it and go heavy after that.

Also I have been taking ALA for the last 3 weeks so that may be why I have been leaning out and I do train hard but that I guess is the only change.