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Not too shabby...;o)

Well I decided to un-retire from playing baseball this summer. I played four years in college and was fortunate enough to be invited to a few pro tryouts, but unfortunately it didn’t pan out. Since my “playing” days, I just played in some 18 and over leagues made up mainly of college players for the fun of it. Because of internships and work, I just havnt been able to play lately. Heck, the last time I played in a game was the summer of 2001.

Seems how my girlfriend and I broke up in January, I needed something to take my mind off of things. So in March, I started helping out with the local high school varsity team twice per week working with the pitchers and throwing some batting practice to the players. As the weeks passed, I noticed that my arm felt GREAT!! I think the year and a half lay-off worked wonders. So I thought to myself, “my arm feels too good not to play this summer.” So I took out my cleats and my precious glove that I have used since I was 16 years old and I un-retired…haha

I joined a local summer league made up of 18 and over players (mostly local college players), and at 26, I am the oldest guy on the team. Jesus…I feel like a grandpa. ANyways, I can still hang with em and hold my own…haha.

As of tonight my stats are:

I have made 3 appearences (1 relief and 2 starts)

Innings pitched…11
Earned Runs…0
Hits…4 (all singles I might add, of which two were freakin bloop singles)

Not too shabby huh? I have had to tone down on my training of coarse which kind of stinks cause I feel a layer of fat coming on, but its only for another month and then I can hit the weights hard again. Being that I am a pitcher, I cant lift with the same intensity as usual or else my arm feels like it is going to fall off. But, it feels good to be on the mound again and showing that I still got the stuff…haha.

Dude, that’s great. I was a city all-star in college, and had the opportunity to play at college, but chose more money in academic scholarships. I’ve played a little softball, but it’s nowhere near baseball. I haven’t found any leagues around here yet, but I’m looking hard.

Keep it up bro!!

I meant city all star in high school.

Mah bad.