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Not the length or the size

I was on the other thread and noticed a few comments on Red Kat’s secondary effects ie. a hard on a midget could use for a chinning bar. ALRIGHT! Just to get it out of the way before I ask, I’ve never had any complaints in the size department (size 13 shoe). In fact it’s been compared to “a babies arm holding an apple”. Point is I always see those commerials when Stern is on for Enzite. The guy hops out the pool with no trunks and women stare in aww. Has anyone seen this shit, or tried it. I have pretty much dismissed it as an expensive and cleaner add you’d find in a spank mag, but I notice these add popping up in other non-spank mags.

Look, if there’s a safe, natural way to increase size, they will not have to advertise it.

What are you asking?

Imagine if there was a safe, natural way to increase yours size…

everybody would get a 30’’ just for the heck of it.
women would suffer.
pants as we know them will be obsolete.
we will need more blood pressure.

From what I understand, Enzyte is just a male enhancement tool, nothing to make you bigger. It’s like another viagra. Probably has some Saw Palmetto and other crap.

I thought it was supposed to make your dick grow bigger, and like I said we’ve all seen ads like this before but I found it odd to see a comercial for it on TV. Then again considering what I was watching I guess it shouldn’t have. Just wondering if anybody is walking around with a third leg from this shit, or even a nice semi-wood all day.

I think it makes you walk around with a hard-on 24/7.

Straight from their website:
"The proprietary formula of Enzyte can help maximize a man?s erection potential. While there is no known ingestible proven to alter the natural size or shape of the penis, Enzyte can help your body achieve the fullest, strongest erections it is physically capable of achieving. This benefit is what we call Natural Male Enhancement.

Enzyte is a once-daily, non-hormonal tablet designed to work with your body?s own physiology for Natural Male Enhancement."

So it doesn’t make you bigger, only have harder woodies. Prolly helps men with erectile probs, like Bob Dole. haha