Not Symmetrical, Feeling Depressed

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I’ve been nailing this in to pretty much my gf and my buddies. [/quote]

i’ve been nailing your gf

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Arnold’s right arm was bigger than his left. Do you think he or anyone else cared?[/quote]

I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Arnold thought part of this discrepancy was caused by his tendency to flex his right arm more often than his left, and he began to deliberately try to flex his left arm more to remind himself to work on his weakness.

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Since this thread is already here, i may as well ask.
I feel i have imbalance in my back muscles. After hitting my back at the gym my right side is always much more sore than the left. Any suggestions?[/quote]

Please read thread, thanks.

Try 360muscle to get back to perfect proportion imo

Yeah, I have a very asymmetrical traps as well. We found it during my orthopedics class when we were looking at posture. My right scapula sits lower due to that being my dominant hand (not uncommon). The pic is not really all that great because of the angle and the fact that I had to click my laptop and hurry to flex before it took. I don’t have one side that is stronger than the other though, so I guess that is what matters to me right now. I can sort out the imbalances when I get to the strength level I desire.

The time in between pics is 14 months. 160—>205

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(not uncommon)
So you brought up a thread from a year and a half ago to reiterate that muscle imbalances are common?

Quality input…

if you really want to get feelings over a minor very unnoticeable imbalance there is two things you can do

1-Forget about it.
2-work on that specific area

Dont do shrugs with a barbell do one arm dumbell shrugs do upright rowes with dumbells make sure you are getting a full range of movement through both traps and your imbalance will become less noticeable

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Have had those issues. You’re probably the only one who can see it.
Life isn’t perfect, accept it, keep it moving![/quote]
You’re huge.

You have bad posture… Just do corrective workouts and when that’s good you will notice a difference. Im dealing with the same thing so I know how you feel. I also agree with other people here just build more muscle especially back and do posture correcting workouts.