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Not Sure Why I Lost Weight

im a freshman in college im 6 foot and i weigh 159 pounds
i used to work out every day in high school and i put on a little bit of size but not a whole lot because i didnt really eat that much
and after a whole summer without touching a weight i decided id start up again but take is seriously

i started this diet about a week ago and work out like crazy

1 whey protein shake (using 2 percent milk)
1 banana

5 whole eggs, scrambled
1 bowl oatmeal (with skim milk)
Multivitamin/multimineral pack

1 whey protein shake (using 2 percent milk)
1 banana

Chicken breast or tuna
1 baked potato
2 cups mixed vegetables

1 whey protein shake (using 2 percent milk)
1 orange

8 ounces steak
1 baked potato or rice serving
2 cups mixed vegetables

1 whey protein shake (using 2 percent milk)

and the craziest thing happend
i went from 164 pounds to 159
i know muscle weighs more than fat and i havent lost a lot of size which could say ive burned off fat
if anything im looking bigger and denser

so yeah if anybody here could give me any suggestions or explain why i lost weight instead of gaining it on that diet itd be greatly appreciated

You possibly cleaned up from a worse diet, and your body comp adjusted because it’s a shock to the body for not working out for a few months.

You will look better, but if you want to get bigger than you just have to eat a bit more.

thanks rsg
losing all that weight after eating more in a week then i usually do in 2 weeks had me worried
what more should i eat to help myself grow?

More protein, carbs and fats.

Your frequency is good and diet doesn’t look too bad - I would add some more fats and fruits (nuts with meals and shake, flax seed oil, olive oil, peanut butter, etc…) and possibly some whole food to a couple of you shake meals.

Other than that, just increase the portion size of you meals - thing is because your body will be adjusting to the new routine, you may already be eating enough so just give it time - if you don’t see gains then increase said meals.

Yup I agree just more plain and simple. fats are an easy high impact way to add more cals and faster acting HI GI carbs for someone in your position that needs to gain a good amount of weight, they digest fast and leave you looking for more


It is REALLY unlikely that you lost 5 lbs of fat and/or muscle in a week.

If, prior to starting this diet, you were eating a lot of junk: pizza, french fries, buffalo wings, etc., then most of the weight you lost was probably water.

Most junk foods have tons of salt. Eating a very salty diet makes you retain water. When you start eating only a moderate amount of salt, you will slowly piss out the water over the first few days.

I agree with the other posters, that you could cerainly stand to eat more, if you are trying to gain. Particularly if you are “working out like crazy.” Could you give a more precise explanation of that?