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Not Sure Which Program to Choose


hey there,

i have been working out for about 2 1/2 years. the last 6 months i had a break because of a lack of Motivation & paired with too much University stuff.

back then my weight was at about 180 lbs at 6'4, now i am at 224 lbs.

right now i want to start working out again but im confused by the mass of informations and what program to pick.
i would like to use a total body Training program but not sure which one.
i have pretty long legs & arms and was wondering if starting strength would be workin for me or should i start with 10 secrets to Building mass?

i appreciate any help by you guys


5/3/1 has pretty damn good full body templates. I'm following one now


Yeah works very well, give it a try. Also much more well rounded than SS and has direct arm work which you need if long limbed.
Pretty much any Waterbury template good for full body also.


+1 Waterbury programs are great. I'd recommend 10x3.


thanks for your replies, i think im gonna stick with Waterburys 10x3. just red this article https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-missing-movement

should i replace back squats with front squats?


You'll be fine with back squats, I'd just do it exactly as written.