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Not Sure Whether to Bulk or Cut

I’m 21 almost 22 been lifting since 16 and have been continuously “bulking” ever since I started lifting (though I never really ate like I was bulking until recently). I was always skinny and never went above 11-12% BF until now. Currently I’m 6’0 217.5lbs in the morning at I’m guessing 14-15% BF (Some visible abs definitely a thin layer of fat over though).

Right now my measurements are, Chest: 43 inches, thighs about 28in, arms 16 relaxed, 17 flexed, and calves 16.5in. About a month ago I was 228 in the am but I was bloated on creatine and eating 5-6000cals a day. Currently, I’m coming off an injury and feeling flat at 217 in the am with the same and maybe even a little more flab. I’m not too sure whether or not I should get back on my 4-5000 calorie diet or if I should “cut” for the first time. Any input would be great, thanks.

[quote]Dustinsk wrote:
Chest: 43 inches[/quote]

You are already quite heavy for your height and with the amount of fat you claim to be carrying I would say you cannot afford to bulk right now. You would do better to cut and cutting will make you look bigger by the way.

I’d say it depends on what your goals are. If you’re only interested in your physique, then maybe cut. If you want to maintain your strength, then I would do a really slow cut (just barely under maintenance). It never hurts to switch things up for a while, just don’t lose sight of whatever your long term goals are.

Strength gains (for reps) on key movements these six years you’ve been lifting? Squat, close grip bench, db bench, overhead press, curls etc etc.

Pictures would help.

I don’t have pics right now but I can get some later when I have someone to take them for me. As far as strength: squat 405x4, close grip bench 225x8, normal bench 315x2, db 120x8, overhead barbell 245x4, overhead dumbbell 110x6 each hand, curls I have no idea maybe dumbbells 55x6? As far as my goals I have always wanted to be aesthetic but when I was younger and lifted I just looked skinny so I wanted to bulk up then cut and be aesthetic.

Also I know you look bigger when you cut but I’m still nervous as he’ll if I cut I’ll look small.

Wtf nice overhead strength.

My overhead is almost an incline. I scoot my ass way forward.

can’t ask to bulk or cut without posting pix…come on man!

Alright. These are the best I have right now. I just snapped a few real quick. Earlier I said I was at 14-15% BF but I have no idea I could be more I could be less you guys tell me.





You have a pretty good base but are carrying a decent amount of fat. If I was you I would tighten up my diet a bit, add in some conditioning work and continue trying to gain qualify size while tightening things up a bit.

Sounds good I guess I’ll stop my once a week large pizza and fast food 2-3 times a week. For conditioning what would you say to add in. Today I warmed up on the bike for 10 mins then at the end of my workout did 1000 meters on the rowing machine.

[quote]Dustinsk wrote:
I guess I’ll stop my once a week large pizza and fast food 2-3 times a week.[/quote]
Good idea.

I agree with gregron on this.Your on the right track just by dropping some of the fun foods and the conditioning you that you posted.10 mins or so after your workouts with something fast paced like the rower/heavy bag/k-bell circuits etc.Always could do a complex of a few different explosive exercises on your off days as well.

Thanks guys

Definitely clean up your diet and add some cardio. Fasted LISS works, 7-10 minutes of hard cardio after weights 4-5 times a week works too, whatever floats your boat. What are you doing for lats and abs?