Not Sure Where to Go Next

Coach Thibaudeau, i’ve been following a fat loss protocol for 4 and a half weeks, based on your “beast evolves” and your “refined physique transformation article”.
Ill detail how these 4 weeks looked:

WEEK 1: 4 mod days: 340g protein, 120g fat, 75g carbs
2 low days: 240g protein, 120g fat, trace carbs
1 high day: 340g protein, 60g fat, 200g carbs
no cheat meals

WEEK 2: 3 mod days, 3 low days, 1 high day
1 cheat meal on high day

WEEK 3: 3 low days, 3 mod days
weight 94kg
1 cheat meal

WEEK 4: 2 low days, 4 mod days, 1 cheat day
War Room Strategies for fat loss
refeed day

my food choices:
Protein: chicken, beef, venison, eggs, Metabolic Drive, hydrolysed whey
Fat: olive oil, almonds, egg yolk
Carbs: dextrose (pre workout on mod days), oats and wholemeal bread on high days
The difference in protein on the moderate and high days is due 100g of protein from hydrolysed whey pre and during the workout.

Im into week 5 and have made these changes:
WEEK 5: mod days now: 300g protein, 70g fat, 50g carbs
low days: 240g protein, 70g fat
high days: 300g protein, 40g fat, 150g carbs

My question is this: i have lost some fat judging from the progress pics and my weight has dropped, however, I for some reason feel i should have made more progress in the time. Would you advocate the best approach to continue the diet with the changes i have made or would switching to something like the Don’t Diet plan be a better approach? My goal is to get to 10% and i have allocated 15 weeks for the change. Am i approaching this the right way?

Thankyou in advance.

Day 1

Day 28

[quote]jonny142 wrote:
Day 28[/quote]

You dropped a reasonable amount of fat. But you are just approach the one where visual changes become more drastic. when a man goes from 18-20% down to 12-14% there is little visual difference in definition even if a lot of fat is lost. This is why a lot of people abandon their diet after 4-6 weeks: they feel like they are not looking that much better in relation to their effort.

It is only when you drop below 12% that you start to look a lot different. You will see more visual changes going from 12 to 9% then when going from 20 to 12% even if in the later case you lose a lot more fat.

So my recommendation is to keep going.

Thanks for the speedy reply, ill keep plugging away.

Good work man! Keep at it.