Not Sure If I Should Be Concerned about Fertility

since im 26 i’m completely concerned about my fertility and long term trt. for the moment i don’t think i have any other options besides trt (which is sad at my age). I have no luck for the moment with any endo here where i live. if i didn’t do my research i would’ve started trt with bad protocols long time ago and probably would be messed up by now. so i decided to contact an anti aging clinic but im extremely concerned in my future with them. theres literally only 2-3 labs in where i live that works with them and not even directly. I will have to take blood test and they send that to another lab that they work with and proceed with the bloodwork. also money making is not great at the moment so I don’t know what the future holds with this since they don’t cover insurance. lastly, my appointment is due in like 1.5 month from now and I have not yet tried any protocol.

recent labs with ranges:
TT: 184 range 250-1100
FT: 23.9 range 35-155
SHBG: 57 and i had one at 79
T4: 1.1 range .9-2.2
FSH: 1.6 range 1.6-8
LH: .9 range 1.5-9.3
cortisol (urine): 93 range 4-50
Insulin growth hormone : Imgur: The magic of the Internet 4
sperm count: 5 million.
acth: 63
cortisol: 21
microadenoma of 3.9 mm in the left posterior.
cholesterol 132 range starts at 131
prolactin: 9.1 range 2.1-17.5
tsh: .89 range .4-4.00
t4 free: 1.00 range . 71-1.85

endos are saying that i must do further testing on cortisol and acth since its high. thats the only focus they are going for.

my understanding is that low lh, fsh and testosterone is caused by hypogonadism sec and with that high shbg and low growth hormone idk what to do.

i haven’t tried clomid or hcg mono.

I really want to try naturally or any other remedies if possible. what do you guys think? opinions?

That’s good. Must take care of adrenals.

The cyst can be secreting a hormone or hindering the release of others. LH and FSH are made in the pituitary.

And there are other options besides trt. Like clomid. Clomid or novaldex should increase your LH and signal testes to produce testosterone.

Esp at your age , they must investigate the cause.

TRT may kill two birds with one stone, TRT can lower cortisol levels.

TRT with HCG. HCG alone will probably not help much because of your high SHBG. Possible though.

If having children really is something you want in the future you need to leave this website. No one here is trying to improve their baby making chemistry. In fact they are giving it up for more muscle.

That’s not true. This is a trt forum - for mostly guys diagnosed with hypogonadism.
Pharma forum is for bodybuilding and stuff.

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Fair enough Charles. Every guy I know on TRT even with HCG has zero sperm production and zero natural T production. There LH and FSH are <0.2. You don’t need high T to make babies you need high sperm production and TRT does not do that.

hey and thanks! well i got offered once clomid but then i saw that i have high shbg and did not try it. i might try it. the thing is, protocols with these doctors are so damn bad :confused: do you think i really need trt? i want to know why i have low lh and fsh. im trying to actually do this all natural since im fearly young. doc says trt was the only way tho (but her protocol scares me. injection once every two weeks without checking e2 and no hcg).

i also heard that because you stress less when on trt

im more concern on long term trt actually. because tbh im fairly young and I have yet seen someone who trts at young age and dies at old age doing trt all the way.

hello guys! so i have an appointment in august and this is my newest blood test.

WHITE BLOOD CELL 3.7 L 3.9 - 11.1 K/ul
RED BLOOD CELL 4.32 4.2 - 6.0 M/ul
HEMOGLOBIN 14.0 13.2 - 18.0 g/dl
HEMATOCRIT 45.0 38.5 - 54.0 %
MCV 104 H 80.0 - 100.0 fl
MCH 32.4 26.0 - 34.0 pg
MCHC 31.1 31.0 - 37.0 g/dl

RDW 15.6 H 11.0 - 15.5 %

GR% 65.1 38 - 75 %
LY% 25.7 15 - 49 %
MO% 5.8 2.0 - 13.0 %
EO% 2.7 0 - 8 %
BA% 0.7 0 - 2 %
GR# 2.4 1.6 - 8.4 K/ul
LY# 0.9 L 1.0 - 3.6 K/ul
MO# 0.2 0.0 - 0.9 K/ul
EO# 0.1 0.0 - 0.6 K/ul
BA# 0.0 0.0 - 0.2 K/ul

GLUCOSE 82 65 - 100 mg/dl
BUN 22 H 6 - 20 mg/dl
CREATININE, SERUM 1.2 0.7 - 1.3 mg/dl
SODIUM 145 136 - 145 mmol/L
POTASSIUM 4.4 3.5 - 5.1 mmol/L
CHLORIDE 107 98 - 107 mmol/L
CO2 30 20 - 31 mmol/L
CALCIUM 9.4 8.3 - 10.6 mg/dl
TOTAL PROTEIN 6.4 5.7 - 8.2 g/dl
ALBUMIN 4.5 3.2 - 4.8 g/dl
GLOBULIN 1.9 L 2.1 - 3.6 g/dl
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 1.7 H 0.3 - 1.2 mg/dl
ALT 31 < 49 U/L
AST 33 <39 U/L
Albumin/Globulin Ratio 2.4 H 0.8 - 2.0
BUN/CREAT RATIO N/A 7.3 - 21.7
GFR, estimated 78 ml/min

Stage 1 90 ml/min or more Healthy Kidneys or Kidney
damage with normal or high GFR
Stage 2 60 to 89 ml/min Kidney damage and mild decrease
in GFR
Stage 3 30 to 59 ml/min Moderate decrease in GFR
Stage 4 15 to 29 ml/min Severe decrease in GFR
Stage 5 < 15 ml/min Kidney failure, or on dialysis

TRIGLYCERIDES 47 <150 mg/dl
CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 137 <200 mg/dl
HDL CHOLESTEROL 61 >40 mg/dl
LDL CHOLESTEROL, calc. 67 <100 mg/dl
The higher the Ratio,the higher CHD risk.

TSH 1.496 0.55 - 4.78 U/ml

PSA, TOTAL 0.211 0.00 - 4.0 ng/ml
LH <0.07 L 1.5 - 9.3 mIU/ml
ESTRADIOL (E2) 14.0 < 40 pg/mL
DHEA-SULFATE 167.3 34.5 - 568.9 ug/dl
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 306 280 - 1100 ng/dl
SEX HORMONE BIND GLOBULIN 48 14.55 - 94.64 nmol/L
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 4.65 1.9 - 27 ng/dl
IGF-1 86.1 L 150 - 222 ng/mL

fsh 1.96

symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, low libido, ed, insomnio, hard to concentrate, memory loss.

im a bit concern about my liver and or kidney maybe producing high shbg? should i take this to a doctor? also do i have any signs of anemia?

again im 26 and not wanting trt.

Someone else will chime in that is more knowledgable then myself.

But i just wanted to say I have ALL of your symptoms and similar blood work. My urine cortisol was also 117,150.
T 326ng/dl
Free T 9.7(9.4-27)
FSH 1.5
Estradiol 9.5 and 12 pg/ml

I’m also 24 years old and have a cyst in my pituitary that is causing slightly elevated prolactin. I am taking caber for that. Unfortunately, TRT maybe your only option. I would rather not be on TRT for the rest of my life but if injecting myself twice a week= my old life back, then sign me up. I’ve had 2 endos tell me my results are fine and nothing is wrong. They also don’t know how to treat TRT. I am going through a TRT clinic and will be treated soon.

hey there mate! yeah im extremely concerned about trt and my age ;/. its pretty stupid how doctors don’t know much about this. but like you said, if i have to do it to return to normal ill do it

I don’t think that observation is possible yet. Meaning TRT has only been popular for the last 10 years. It was around before, but only a few did it / knew about it (correct me if I am wrong here).

So the people who started TRT in their 20s when TRT was gaining popularity are in their 40s now.

Separate point… You are already considered to have low sperm count (anything less than 15 million is considered low / some are in the 100 million range). This is probably from your hypogonadism. You may need something like nolva or clomid in the future.

Also, here is a good article on Fertility in regards to TRT.

This is a meta analysis (meaning it looked at several studies and compared results).

It is a bit of a long read, but I think it is worth it. Showed good recovery of fertility in almost all men. I believe it also stated that even without pharma most men (~97% I think,read it a month back) regained fertility given time off of TRT.

If you truly need TRT, I think your health outcomes generally improve with TRT. Lately there is evidence of heart health improving with TRT. Diabetes risk is lowered. Many are able to maintain a healthier body fat %, which is shown to lower the risk of all sorts of bad stuff.

wow man thanks a lot for the information provided. it sounds like having low test for so long is worst than injections

I am in a similar situation as you (30 y/o). The main concern for me fertility as well, but the more I read, the less I worry about it. I have yet to start a TRT regimen, but I am currently working with Defy and getting labs and physical completed.

I have heard many start off dreading the injections, but after time they look forward to them.

People considering TRT often fall in the trap of weighing the more physical impacts of TRT (body comp, libido, energy levels) vs the TRT side effects, but don’t consider the negative health implications of low testosterone (which are likely to be worse then that of TRT).