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Not Sure If I Need a AI Right Now

Hey guys,
Been in the gym 4-5 days a week for about 7 years now.
weight: 215 with body fat around 14%
I started my first cycle 2 weeks ago, Test E and Tren E.
(300 test and 200 tren) twice a week( fridays and mondays)
for a total of 600 test and 400 tren a week. But I am not sure if i need a AI or SERM with these. I dont want the est levels to get to high and get any side effects of it.

Should I run nolvadex WHILE on this? or wait till PCT?
is there anything better than nolvadex when running test/tren?

thanx bro’s
just trying to learn :slight_smile:

This shit is getting ridiculous… It was a great idea to start a cycle without doing any research… I hope you get tits with milk in them

it was a great idea to do a gram of gear for the first run too

Yes you need an AI on cycle and a SERM for PCT.

I’ve typed this more times than I care to count…