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Not Sure if I Have an Abscess

Hey guys, i have a question.
I dont know if i may have an abscess or im just paranoid.

Currently on cycle of 750mg /wk of TestC

Took a shot in my side delt on my left arm on tuesday morning ,
Wednesday to today my rear delt feels as if i injected there? Its tight and can feel some pain /soreness when i retract arms backwards (doing a movement that uses rear delts, ) as if i pinned there
Its now friday morning, its still sore , a little bit if swelling, i cant tell if its warm because it does feel warm, but my body feels the same warmth in surrounding areas
(Unsure how much “heat” i would feel if it were a abscess)
I have no flu like symptoms or a fever)
Cant really notice any redness because my shoulders are kinda tan.
And the spot i feel this is about 1.5 to 2 inches away from where i pinned…

Clean needle everytime for draws and pin ing. Alchol swabbed everytime , used a 1in pin also…

So i dont know if im paranoid and over thinking it , or if i should go to the doc.
Thanks guys, i appreciate and answers

Chances are you are just having PIP and some associated swelling. Just monitor it and if it gets worse go see a doctor.