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Not Sure How to Handle This...

Good News, I finally got a job to replace my shitty fast food one. Bad news, my new job wants me to work four week nights until 10pm and 1 weekend from open to 3pm. I am trying to figure out how I will workout because, I do not have a car so I cannot wake up at 5am and go to the gym. Now I am thinking I will ask my gym to freeze my account for a few months so I can save up for a car and then get a cheap one. I am 17 in November so getting a car is not a bad idea anyway.

Anyway I cannot tell the employer no because they are the only people who will hire me right now (literally no one needs employees accept a few places) and those are the hours they have for me. Now, I will enjoy the job because it is computers. I love computers so I figure the job will not be unbearable (like my fast food job which was the biggest mistake ever) but at the same time will have a few months off from training hurt me? I mean I have only been cutting weight since March so it is not like I have been trying to gain muscle. I figure until I get my transportation worked out I could do P90x because I do have that and the dumbells/pullup bar to go with it. Sound good?

Find a way.

purchase a bicycle, wake up early, cycle to the gym. get creative my friend. godspeed

If you are a beginner and haven’t been working out that long a few months off could really hurt.

Ideally find a way to get to the gym but you can do quite a lot with cheap home equipment. That’s what I’m trying to do right now, check out my log if you are interested. It’s probably not very inspiring but it seems to be working for me. Haven’t been doing it for long though.

What are your goals?

[quote]Sn4zzle wrote:
Bad news, my new job wants me to work four week nights until 10pm and 1 weekend from open to 3pm.[/quote]
I read this and I see one weekday afternoon and two weekend afternoons available to hit the gym. Still looking for the “bad news.”

What kind of distances/traveling times are we talking about from home, to school, to gym, to work? What other transportation is available? Local bus routes? Any buddies (that drive) go to the same gym? Is there a school weight room you have access to after school during the week?

Getting a car is obviously a good idea if you can afford a semi-decent one (not a clunker or lemon) plus gas and insurance.

You should’ve been trying to gain muscle this whole time, but that’s hindsight. Exactly what kind of exercise have you been doing the last few months?

With what I’ve (briefly) read in your other threads, you dropped a bunch of weight and you’ve still got some to go. P90x would be better than not training at all, but isn’t the best way for your goals because we need to get you doing some consistent strength training to stimulate muscle growth.

Exactly what equipment do you have at home? A pull-up bar and what kind of dumbbells (how heavy)?