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Not Strong Enough for Chin-ups, Can't Do Dips


I'm doing SS, and in addition to the 3 main lifts, I want to do chin ups and dips (on seperate days). The problem is, I can't do a chin up because im not strong enough. I can't do dips because I don't have any equipment for it. I have a power rack, and bench, and a weight set. Is there any way to give me help on chin ups (like using bands or whatever)? Is there a way to do dips or a good substitution fro dips?


Buy bands for chins pull ups and rings for dips if you cant buy dipping stands, bands and rings can be hung off your rack cheers Spud


You can do bench dips, but it's not the same. And you can just buy a chin bar(very cheap).



I have a chin up bar, but im not strong enough to do a chin up.


Eccentric Chins until your strong enough


You can concentrate on doing negatives to help improve your strength. Get a small step to help you jump up to the bar, hold yourself for a second and then come down controlled. When you can add regular reps, go ahead and then do some negatives at the end until you can get what you want for full sets.

I use the same strategy when I try a heavy weight that I can't get many chins.


Are you more than 20 lbs overweight?

I couldn't do a single pullup when I started working out (25 lbs overweight). But I kept trying over and over and eventually got chin over the bar after 3 or 4 workouts. After a month or 2 I was up to 3 sets of 6. If you do 5 sets of just trying like hell and not get your chin over the bar, you'll still be building strength and will improve each attempt.

Before I did the above, I tried up increasing the weight on my lat pulldowns hoping it'd make me strong enough to do pullups. This never worked. It was only by attempting and repeatedly failing the pullup that I was able to finally do them.


I don't think im very much overweight (6 ft, 180lbs). I'm just not strong enough. I'll try these and the negatives, and see which works best.

Anyone know a replacement for dips then? I don't really want to buy a dip attachment or anything right now, I've spent enough on weights for now.


Furniture works...

Two chairs, faced towards each other.


Exactly what I used to do. There has to be something in your house that you could use.


eh, fuck it. Kick them out until you can do them with good form.

Just don't get lazy and always kick. Keep pushing and you'll get there.


make sure on your negative chins you're going down as slowly as possible. you should be shaking like a crack whore when you're done.

and dips, you can do dips with a couple chairs pushed together. bench dips are ok to start with, but getting your feet up in the air will help a lot. plus, it's easier to drop a plate in your lap when your feet are also elevated.


Dude, just get a membership, and read this article:


Excellent workout for chins.


Oh thats not bad at all. I was 6ft 210 with no muscle when I couldn't do a single pull up. Just keep trying and you'll eventually get it.