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Not Strength Training as WE Know it...


Not strength training as WE know it...
but interesting.



Yea I probably couldn't do all that. Then again I don't weigh 120lbs.

Still, you gotta be fit to do pakour.


IMO this is not strength training. They're doing it for better coordination, explosiveness, balance and endurance from what I can tell. I'd place it under conditioning.

Still cool though.


Parkour seems like one of those things that I would have loved to do when I was 11 years old.
It's so sad to see grown people doing this and/or skateboarding.

Oh yeah, that was obviously just my opinion.


good for ninja warrior :slight_smile:


A lot the the top guys in parkour/free running make a career out of it as stunt men.

The guys who's videos make up that channel have all gotten work in advertisments and movies. If you're good at it, why not keep doing it and make it a career?


Looks like fun, though I wonder how many 13 year old mirror's edge fans will now try this out while forgetting that you can't load savegames in real life :slight_smile:


Ah they could be trying out worse things.

like meth.

Hardly any of that shit in the video was even dangerous. Besides, if anything kids today need to do its take more risks. I mean unless they live in the US, they dont have public healthcare there, I wouldn't do dangerous shit there.



Oh yeah, anyone who thinks the jump is legit deserves to reenact it.



Anyone who thinks the jump is real needs to read the info in the top right "P.S. The 60 foot drop is a joke!"

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=HLuZf-0FfY8 I feel bad for this guy though, because THAT is real.


Luckily he only ended up breaking his arm.


Yeah, and a concussion, lucky son of a bitch.


I didn't watch this one too long. I was going off the old video. It had no disclaimer and we all flamed them for being frauds. Good to see they give us the heads up in this one.



fucking amazing for grapplers


Why do you think it's sad?


that type of training is amazing for grapplers? why?


isn't strength training, training to move more weight. I don't see how they are training strength here.

Cool none the less, just wanted to be an ass :stuck_out_tongue:


Skinny people hopping down stairs...

Some of the proper parkour stuff is cool as hell. This was shit.



still has interesting merit for how those guys train...


I always liken this stuff to physical preparedness for freerunning/parkour, it would work well for other sports too, seeing as alot of coordination,mobility, static and endurance strength is trained