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not stability training - just for teasing

Since the demand is up for my pictures, for some obscure reason, here’s one of me in the land which name I can’t spell.

just to stir up some life in the t-forums.

my little cousin(14) saw this picture and went “Hey, nice costume, but where did you get the boobies?”

ummm… thats natural cuz.

In 4 weeks I’ll post some post hot-rox pics of me and my girlfriend, if she approves(posting her pics).

hope I mad you smile, it’s good for your T-levels.


I hope that’s not your girfriend in the sombrero, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Do I speak for everyone in saying …

What the fuck?

I don’t know whether to say sorry or congratulations because I don’t know your goals, but dude, you don’t make a very good woman.

That’s a very unfortunate hand position for the dude in the sombrero if he is, in fact, straight. Not that there would be anything wrong with it if he wasn’t.

 LOL. That's hilarious! At first I thought it was photoshop, then saw how the shirt follows the lats perfectly - which made me think 'Damn the guy must be a photoshop pro, cuz I cant do any of that'

 Of course, we're all ASSUMING it was nothing but a joke, right? ....RIGHT?

Honey, you got guts - and a sense of humor - for posting that pic. Made my morning to see someone not taking themself so seriously.


take your sexual insecurity elsewhere please. not that theres anything wrong with you personaly being sexualy insecure.

This is called Purim. it’s “jewish haloween”

believe it or not …

(never mind, fuck that, I was about to discuss my sexual conquests that night but why bother. that would have been lame.)


 Glute, what are you talking about. That's hilarious. No one's flaming you.

You two look like allot of fun.
he he, lol, fdlol, get up, fdlol.
Too funny, that looks like my Halloween costume! Is that my wig? It is!
Nice fish nets baby!
I will find a picture and show you.

At first I didn’t get the thread’s title, but now I get it. Very funny S-man! Hilarious in fact. You should consider it a good thing that you are one ugly chick!

Hope you did’nt think I was flaming you. Just pokin a little fun and thought you would be ok with it as you don’t seem to take yourself to seriously.

It takes a big man to wear a dress.

It takes a bigger man to laugh at that man…

Just kidding.


I’ll now think twice before I answer any of your questions. Looks like you did what you set out to do: stir up the forum like a Mexican Martini.

See I told you it looked like my costume! Add the butterfly mask and a set of wings.

I even think I have a picture with a sombrero in it too!
Hold on let me see if I can find it.
Same wig, I think it is a good choice with the white dress you choose.
I had gleaming white shoes instead.

Here it is!!
See Spanky a sombrero too.
We are kind of posing the same way.
What are the chances?
Ooooooo weeeee EEEEEEE oooooooo
Great minds think alike.

It’s Jerry Seinfeld!

What izz the deal?