Not Spot Removal But Can This Affect My Look?

Well as the title sais i know its been proven that there is no such thing as spot fat training. But i noticed that when i stopped training my lower back because of an injury, i gained some fat around the area. When i started training it again through goodmornings, deadlifts, etc not only did it build the muscle back up, but the fat is not there. Can anyone explain this? It seems like the rest of my body works that way because the same thing happened when i injured my pectoral.

Not looking for some miracle fat loss cure or anything just want to know the reasoning behind this.

spot reduction. Give more details

Well it hasn’t been PROVEN that it doesn’t exist, but all the evidence suggest that it doesn’t.

Probably what you are experiencing is something like loose skin or when you are working the area its getting a pump and seems to be leaner.

A skinfold test would provide some more insight into what you are experiencing, but even then, that doesn’t prove that its fat being added to the area, it just means SOMETHING is accumulating.

When you lose muscle, the skin takes a while to get tighter again, so it’s flabby, even if there’s not much actual fat there. When you start working the muscle again, it fills the skin back up.

That is probably the best explanation possible, together with the possibility that coincidental changes in your hormones could have caused changes in fat pattern distribution really not related to what specific exercise you did, but happening at approximately the same time. But that wouldn’t have to be the case: hungry4more’s explanation could be the entire explanation.

The fat above a muscle has absolutely no way of “knowing” whether that muscle has been exercised or not versus any other muscle. The blood supply to the fat is not from the muscle, and there is no nervous connection between the muscle and the fat either. It simply doesn’t “know” that the muscle beneath it was exercised as opposed to any other muscle. This is the real reason that there is no spot fat loss.

To some degree:
if you increase the size of a muscle (group) then if the amount of fat stays the same then it will be spread over a (slighty) larger area therefore appear less.

Hence the myth of “spot reduction”…Really pretty simple actually. Not as outlandish as some other gym/nutrition myths

Thanks guys