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Not sore

Does the fact that I am HARDLY AT ALL sore after an intense workout of OVT significant in any way? Does it mean anything?

Should I be happy or sad? I kind of wish I was more sore, it ‘feels’ like I’m not getting a lot out of the gym. Simultaneously, maybe it means quick recovery! (?)

I’m just confused, I thought I should be dying, but I’m not. The first week I was a bit sore (3 supersets), this second week (4 supersets) I am hardly sore at all. What gives? And, once again, should I be happy or sad?

There are many factors responsible for soreness, and whether or not you get sore is largley determined by what sort of training you are used to (the first time you try 500 squats your sore as shit, but eventually one can do 1000 without soreness–so I am told). I would not be concerned if I was not getting that sore, so long as I did each set as hard as is appropriate, and otherwise I was making the gains I sought. If you want greater soreness, you could try more stretch position exercises, and really go for a full range of motion and pause for a maximum contraction.

you should be gay or as some like to call it. Happy.

if ovt doesnt make you sore you must have already been on a high volume program before you started this one.

Soreness is more closely related to a (over)activity of the immune system, rather than the amount of muscle damage.

In other words, soreness is no big deal.


You do not need to be sore to grow.

maybe you’re doing weight that your body is already used to or the intensity of the routine is too low for you. Just focus and going up in weight and then tell us if you are getting sore or not. laters pk

Have you increased the intensity? You said you increased the volume but what about the intensity, this should be going up as well as the program progresses. If you no longer get sore it could mean that you have adapted to the program and now need to switch things up. This could mean something as simple as reversing the order of the exercises you are presently doing. Though soreness is not needed to progress in a program, it usually is a good sign for someone interested in hypertrophy goals which I assume is your case since you are doing OVT. Try switching things up and see how it goes.

Are you getting results? That is more important then if you are sore or not.

Mage, it’s still kind of too early to tell if I’m getting “results”.

I don’t even think OVT is that high volume.

What were you doing before OVT?

OVT seems pretty high volume to me. Every workout has 30 or more sets. My workouts usually consist of 15-20 sets.

I wish I was never sore from training. Sometimes DOMS just interferes with your training frequency. If you can train with adequate intensity and not get sore the next day, it’s a good thing.