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Not So Much Beginner


I've been lifting for around 6 months with very minimal results. I've been cutting, but my bodies gotten to a point where i'm not really loosing fat, so i think i needa start bulking up...

I'm currently 15 now 145 pounds 5'7. I'm pretty weak on all my lifts,e,g bench 90 squat 105. i've been lifting with a 5 day a week split and havent made any mass gains or strength gains in a really logn time, maybe because i was on a calorie deficit diet

My plan of action rite now is to eat every 2-3 hours very clean and healthy, and always shooting for protein, i'll try that out and if i see i'm putting on to much fat or too little weight, ill start counting calories.

I need to get a good weightlifting program, i was thinking of starting ABBH or Big boys basics, by Chad Waterbury, both seem pretty good. My problem with ABBH is i'd have a lot of trobule supersetting, and circuit training.

Pics are included below and tell me what you recommend for me to do, i really hav eno idea anymore, id really like to get skinny and fit, but that hasnt been working, so i think i need to put on some mass first....

P.S. Pics were taken down becasue i was warned about some guy jerking it to my stretchy nipples.


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Pick 1) A training program and 2) an eating program and follow them for like a year and you'll be fine


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First of all,if you really meant that you wanted to get skinny then please don't post on this message board any longer your better off posting on mens health or something of that nature. This is a BODYBUILDING message board. Now because your only 15 i'll give ya a pass but you have to understand there's no reason whatsoever for someone of your weight and age to be cutting. To cut you have to have something to cut down to. You don't! Otherwise its just making yourself more skinny.

You need to build a good base and to do that you need to eat and eat alot. At your size and age you should be eating everything in front of you. Meat,milk,veggies,fruit nuts and peanut butter fuck even chocolate milk.

YOUR NOT FAT! You lack muscle of any kind whatsoever.Thats why your muscle doesn't show because you don't have any. Wanting to be fit is a good goal but wanting be skinny is retarded..skinny is not fit.


Your goal is being skinny?


Less time tweaking your nipples and more time in the weight room.


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Hey, you've heard of the Food Pyramid? Good, make yours as big as the ones in Egypt and get to work!

Eat, man eat! And any of those workouts will do.

Try looking at your workouts as a life and death struggle. If your workouts don't HURT in many ways, you will not go anywhere!

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General house keeping tip first:

As a 15 year old dude, do not post pictures of yourself pinching your nipples on the internet. A guy called "Bubba" in cell block 4 is probably masturbating to that picture right now.

Ok - You are 15. You still have a lot of natural filling out to do first. You are still maturing and growing. Therefore, at this age, especially while are you skinny as shit, you should not be in a caloric deficit. You should be running around, chasing girls, playing sport, eating an ass load of food, and growing like a weed.

The biggest mistake guys at your age make is lack of hard physical work (not jogging) and lack of food.

Go to Vroom's "Are you a beginner" thread and read everything on there. Put everything you learn into action. If you have a problem after that, come back and ask specific questions, not "How do I get skinny and shit".

You will learn more and get better responses to your questions this way.