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Not So Hot Scapula


Hey all,

I haven't been on this forum in a while. Last time I was I posted a thread about my messed up posture. Thinking I would have time and resources to fix it, I used my advice. Only now, have I found a normal job (union) that I don't come home from feeling 10 years older than I am. I was a line cook since the winter. Finally, moved up to a more calm sous chef position. All that aside, thank you all for helping me with the other thread. I am currently using the book Assess and Correct and doing the exercises.

Here is what the other thread did not show so much:

I was misled into thinking that my scapula was winging. However, apparently, it is abducted and there is an anterior tilt. To prove this to myself, I checked my serratus anterior strength. The muscles on both sides are equally strong. However, my levator scapulae (the culprit for anterior tilt) is so tight on my left side when my wife's small fingers massaged me I almost passed out. The right side is tight but much easier to take. I've also heard that the pec minor gets involved too. I've been looking for a pec minor stretch and either i'm doing it wrong or not finding a good one. I just can't seem to feel any stretch.

Here is my routine almost everyday:
1. T-Spine Extensions on Foam Roller
2. Foam Roll - Lats and stretch right after
3. Tennis Ball - Levator Scapulae
4. Stretch Levator Scapulae
5. No Money Drill - 3x15 (2 second hold)
6. Scapular Wall Slides - 3x15 (2 Second hold)
7. Standing Chin Tuck - 2x15 (2 second hold)
8. Some kind of cable rows...not sure whether to do a higher one or to the stomach
9. Foam Roll - Quads
10. Quad Stretch
11. Hip Flexor Stretch
12. Foam Roll - IT Band/Abductors
13. Stretch IT Band/Abductors
14. Foam Roll - Adductors
15. Stretch - Adductors (static and dynamic)
16. Rollover into V-Sits
17. Foam Roll Peroneals/Calfs
18. Rocking Calf stretch
19. Lying Hip Abduction
20. Glute Bridge
21. Squat to stand
22. Single Leg RDL
23. Dead Bug Lvl 1

So, yeah this is it.




So i found a pec minor stretch and i figured out why it wasnt working... its the one where the arm is against the wall parallel to the floor. I realized my hand should be rotated out.

As fas as my leg and foot... will single rdl help twist everything back into place or will adductors get more tense causing more int rot of the femur?