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Not-So Friendly Gym Advice


I was at the gym one day and noticed some random guy going around giving unsolicited advice to anyone who would listen. The other lifters were obviously getting very annoyed yet that did not stop him. Do you think that it is right for this guy to go around bothering people who are in the middle of a serious work out just to give advice that no one asked for?

I myself do not give advice at the gym that no one asks for. Now if someone comes to me and asks a questions I will help them with some sound advice. When I am in the middle of a workout I like to establish the mind muscle connection in order to constantly push myself to greater levels. What are your thoughts.


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Just when I'm at a point where I want to sell my equipment and join a commercial gym, I read shit like that and get slapped back into reality.
Home gym = heaven!


What are our thoughts? Is this really a question that needs to be asked? No one likes unsolicited advice whether at the gym or anywhere else for that matter.


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The good news is that, since he asked, the advice was solicited.




This is true.


I find the ones who criticize are the ones who do not create any threads. Instead of whining about how bad someone's thread is why don't you actually make some ones of your own to display your "superior thread creating ability"!


All your posts (the ones that I read at least)are just mere banalities, stating the obvious remarks, reruns of previous threads or just made up stuff. As far as "thread creating ability" goes, some people have it, some don't. You don't. Too bad you are neither original nor interesting. Or even good at trolling. And in your case practice doesn't make perfect. So don't be upset people around here think your threads are gay :slight_smile:

On a side note, I'd rather be healthy, strong and rich than sick, weak and poor. What are your thoughts?


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jimmylee I thought you decided to leave? How many more threads are you going to make before you realize that you suck at it?


The funny thing is that people will allow the ignorant remarks of other to stop them from posting threads. How about posting a thread yourself. Also, the funny thing is that people are constanly checking out my threads, so they not be as bad as you claim. My threads seem to spark the interest of many people. Hate my threads or love them, there will always be a group of people who wants to read them. Start posting some threads and stop just reading others and replying to them. Lead, don't follow.


Leave, ha you must be some sort of comedian. I am here to stay. Stop complaining and start posting some threads of your own.


So there was this kid at my gym right who had obviously never trained before so i walked over to him and touted my superiority and laughed in his face, that noob wont likely be back soon, should i start a thread about it?


I think you may be on to something. I might have to use that idea for another post! Thanks for the brainstorming session!!!


OK, check my new thread. What are your thoughts?


If you want people to start their own threads, maybe you should stop stealing their ideas...


Dude, I think 'leading' involves having some knowledge, or at least directing a conversation in some manner that displays insight, experience, or information that is not readily available. You merely make stupid comments on topics that have been discussed to death, been written about already by some of the extremely qualified authors on here, or just ask a question so inanely elementary, that some folks think they've stumbled onto BBing.com by mistake. Seriously man, you're a major contributor to watering down the quality of these forums.

Maybe you should go back to just lurking about and stop trying to become a contributing member. Real T-folk who make a difference around here usually have higher than average levels of training/dietary knowledge, as well as experience,... and judging by your contributions so far,... you? not so much.



The really funny thing is that it won't.