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Not So Bad, Right?

i just wanted to get a rating on before I started working out and after. i know i’m still really lean and need to gain mass.

gave you a 10

nice abs

damn…pretty massive gains…you went from creepy drunk dude to creepy dude with a six pack in a bathroom…keep up the good work…bro

i just hope your natural, if not, please tell us

[quote]Tumbles wrote:
gave you a 10

nice abs[/quote]


Just wow.


Post up back and leg pics.

sweet abs

gave you a 9, if you would pull up your damn pants you would get a 10 though.

If you know what you need to do, then there was no reason to post this thread.

I’d change the title to “not even remotely impressive by the standards of this site yet, however I’m not an utter fat-ass or obviously sedentary person like the general population…right?”

[quote]brian9955 wrote:
i just wanted to get a rating on before i started working out and after. i know i’m still really lean and need to gain mass.[/quote]


You’ve got good taste in beer.

You know you suck when you can’t even get fat off of beer.

[quote]rsg wrote:
You know you suck when you can’t even get fat off of beer.[/quote]


Is it just me, or does his head actually look like it was Photo Shopped on both pictures.


Do you have a shoe available?

You are huge. I’m giving you a 10.

The only thing I see that could be worked on is that your arms are just way too huge. But other than that you are ready to step on a bodybuilding stage.


Well you’re 100% right those pictures aren’t even impressive compared to the standards of this site, however i still think it was a huge change for myself. I’m not close to reaching my goal either another 20lbs and I’ll be satisfied. but thanks for the responses. I’ll put some pictures of my back and legs soon, but if you weren’t at all impressed by this then you definitely won’t be impressed.


i gave you a 1 for drinking a heiniken

what kind of workout program did you do?? im going through the same thing as you when it comes to body type and size…

You’re making good progress, keep up the good work.

[quote]Tumbles wrote:
gave you a 10

nice abs[/quote]


it just figures

had like 1 post joined this month and put this up… and judging by his other posts he actually turns out to NOT be a troll :open_mouth:

i usually only workout for about 45 minutes and do two body parts per day and if i’m doing chest and back my workout would be like this…i’ll post more workout plans if you want to see them.

bench press 3sets wide 1set close

pullups 2sets wide 2sets close

incline bench

tbar row wide

peck fly

lat pull

i always get to a plateau a little less than 147lbs. i started at around 120lbs, so it’s not bad. my main problem was my diet…i didn’t have one…ate the same before i started working out with the exception of eating a few cans of tuna a week and weight gainer shakes…if you need to gain i’d recomend taking a weight gainer and adding oatmeal…not the greatest taste but i think it’s pretty effective.

and your diet is where you roughly get 80% of your results. you’ll actually have better results if you had a bad workout plan, but a great diet then if you had the best workout plan and a bad diet.

…my opinion…love to hear your criticizm.

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