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Not Seeing Results on Cycle


Hey Guys- Im 5'6 172 lbs im on my 8th week of 500 test cyp and 400 equipoise. Not seeing much results in strenght or in appearance. Im hoping it should kick in soon knowing that the equi takes a really long time to get in youre system. My actual weight when i started was 175 gained 3 pounds within 4 weeks of my cycle. Then i took some cyto 6th week into my cycle and lost 6lbs. Planning on taking some 50mg turinabol for 6 weeks to get some weight back and to see some freaking results. Bad idea??


Well for starters have you been lifting weights.have you been eating more than normal.Are you a troll?


Could you give us a detailed description of your diet and training routine. Afterall, AAS just enhances the hardwork in the gym and in the kitchen.


yes been lifting pretty intense. kinda overtrained i guess cause im not getting any stronger actually getting weak. also starting to cramp up and still sore from my workouts.
Currently doing 4 day a week routine....

1st day Chest/Tri
2nd day Legs
3rd day shoulders
4th day back/bi
was doing it for 6 reps a set now doing 10-12 cause i cant lift shit anymore.
im eating pretty good and clean at least 5-6 meals a day.

gear is stealth by the way been hearing its underdosed. so should i throw in the turinabol?


Meals mainly consist of at least 50g of protein and 30-50g of carbs


How much Cytomel did you take?

If it was a foolish amount such as 100 mcg/day that could readily account for your going backwards.

There is no way to tell from your description whether you are doing much or little. For all I know you are doing one set for chest and one for triceps and going home, or you are doing 100 sets for each.

I had not thought stealth gear was underdosed but have not had any of it analyzed, so don't know what to make of what you have heard on that.


Damn! 100mcg/day is what im taking also started 100mcg/clen last week. I started off doing 4 workout per big body part 3x for 6 reps smaller muscle group at 3 workout for 8-10 2x.
Then i just got weaker so i switched to 4x4x12reps


You are a fucking idiot - do you know how dangerous it is fucking with thyroid meds? Let alone shoving them down your neck at high doses with clenbuterol!

You are gonna get yourself into serious trouble with your health soon if you continue to act so recklessly and ignorantly.

Did you really think all you needed to do was take as many Performance enhancing drugs as you can, and you will have the body of a god?



Tbag...whoa bro.... slow down.
There are plenty of good cycles listed on this site. When you don't read them and act on sheer ignorance like you have done you can destroy your Thyroid and entire Endocrine system.
Stop taking Cytomel and Clen Immediately.....!

You are hammering your endocrine from both sides and asking for serious health problems.

Look up a good starting cycle on here, don't deviate from it and with good gear you will see results.
You are mixing some counteracting components that should not be mixed.

IE: If you are trying to gain, the why the Clen and Cytomel??/
If you are trying to cut, then why the Test??/



Why don't you just chalk this one up to experience, wait three weeks for the AAS to adequately clear your system and start PCT and recover.

Then take your time and research to come up with a solid plan for your next one in several months.


Gosh darn it..I did my research but i guess i still failed on this one. i took test because of the negative affects of equipoise didnt want to loose sexual function. Took cytomel and clen to loose the gut. But i thought 100mcg of cyto was the max safe dose? Going to taper off the cyto/clen and stop immideately. i will just continue my test/equi i have 6 more weeks to go then pct.

I will from now on post my planned cycle and get some helpfull advice from you guys. thanks


OP - don't just stop the Cytomel and Clen...you should really taper off depending on how long you have been on them. Your system needs time to adjust to being off them! slowly ramp down your dose of each.


Your gear is likely underdosed as you should def be feeling it after 8 weeks. results take a while to materialize but you should "feel" 500mg/w of test cyp after about 4 weeks and the 400mg of EQ should be making you hungry as fuck and giving you some pretty serious pumps in the gym.

Try upping your dose of the gear to see if that makes a difference.


yeah underdosed was definetely what i was thinking i will up my dose. so i guess no on the turinabol?


For many, 100 mcg/day of Cytomel (T3) is enough to result in going backwards despite any dose of anabolic steroids.