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Not Recovering Post Cycle?

Test prop/phenylprop for 12 weeks (started Phenylprop and swapped to prop at the last week).

Did the PCT I found on other boards of 100/100/50/50 Clomid and 40/40/20/20 Nolvadex (might have accidentally double dosed once or twice last week), finished today. On cycle for the last 4 weeks I did 500 iu HcG 2x per week. I was told using throughout the entire cycle causes desensitization and to limit to 4 weeks.

I just saw the thread here about restarting HPTA and am worried I fucked myself up with high dose SERMs and stacking them. I was going to do 6 weeks PCT but now think I should probably taper off over the next few days.

My balls are not normal size still!!! Which I assume means I’m not recovered.

I feel basically no different on cycle compared to pre cycle, so I guess I don’t really notice testosterone that much and could have very low T right now and not even realize.

Any advice?

Get bloodwork done, only way we can solve this.

I think the numbers will be thrown off if I get tested now as I was only very recently taking SERMs.

Do you think I should come off the SERMs or continue with Nolva solo or even Nolva/Clomid for a couple more weeks?

Keep doing the pct, it takes a while even with nolva, for test levels to get back in the normal range. Time on =Time off. For me at least it takes longer to get back to reasonable test levels, than it did when I first started cycling. It could easily take you 8-12 weeks to return to reasonable levels.