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Not Recovering in Caloric Deficit

Paul, if your not recovering in a caloric deficit, but happy with the fat loss, do you reccomend cutting back volume and frequency or adding calories first? Or maybe returning to isocaloric diet for 2-3 days?

I am sore. Really damn sore, even 48 hours later. Systemic recovery is ok for now, still sleeping well and no lethargy.

I would look at potentially upping my peri/post workout nutrition. There’s something you may not be addressing in there.

Thanks paul. I do fats and protein pre workout, 15g EAA peri, and grits and eggwhites post.

I’ll add 10-20g carbs intra workout. Maybe switch out the grits for you toast and jam secret lol.

Many thanks brother.

Oh and Robb said he hates you. He ate like shit during the holidays btw.

What your training day look like ?