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Not Really Sure What to Make of This...


I have been weighing my options as far as supplements go for when I finish my current batch. A friend of mine recently suggested a weight gainer called 'Russian Bear 5000' in total seriousness. I appreciate his enthusiasm but cost of using this stuff aside, it just seems comical in its proportions. Maybe I am just new to this, but somebody give me a second opinion on this stuff

Despite the fact that this stuff looks and sounds like it was made in 1992, I just can't imagine this is something a bodybuilder would seriously use. I could be completely wrong, maybe its amazing but I can't seem to find any decent opinions on it. At this point its more curiousity than desire to buy, let me know what you guys think.

*Here are the instructions off the site if you didn't see them

Directions For Vitol Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer: As a dietary food supplement, mix one serving together with one gallon of whole milk and drink throughout the day. Small drink are preferable and can be spread out over one to four days. Drink whenever you choose, including 30 minutes before bedtime. You will find Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer to taste great, if water is preferred instead of milk. You may also mix in a blender with ice for a delicious frosty milkshake.


3 servings per tub, lemme find a facial expression for that. One moment...


I dont know. It is written: 3 serving per container. seems like a scam




and its on sale


2600 calories, 184g of protein. That's almost the same as consuming 1 gallon of milk.

15 scoops to a container, 5 scoops per serving. Now $8 per serving, normally retails for $12 a serving. I'd just drink the milk and save your wallet.


I don't know why it's marketed like that, but one could definitely just use it as a normal gainer: 78 grams of carbs and 37 grams of protein per scoop

$25 for 15 servings isn't half bad.


Yeah, its pretty different to say the least. However it advises that you are supposed to take it with the gallon of whole milk. That roughly doubles the caloric intake, not to mention having to go out and buy a damn gallon of milk a day. I would be interested in trying this purely from a investigative perspective. Maybe take it for 30 days, tape my progress, call it 'Super-Bear Me'...

Im not going to lie, I dig the hammer and sickle on the jug


I don't like any ''weight gainers'' tbh. They're mostly crappy sugary carbs, with low quality protein and some 'miscellaneous' ingrediants.

A friend of mine did make some decent weight gain on a weight gainer, however. Got a bit too tubby for my liking too fast(and I'm not a guy who stresses over BF%) but not to the point where you would call him fat.
Another friend claimed to make gains of 2lbs a day of the same gainer however. And ironically I've never seem him heavier or lighter, he's just seems to be perpetually the same weight with the same body comp(on the skinny side)

Supplement wisely. Prioritise whey and creatine. Do some research into basic workout nutrition.

Eat big. Drink your milk. Bust your ass in the gym. Eat big. And rest.
I promise if you do these things you will grow.


I understand, please don't misinterpret this post as a 'Should I try this?' thread. I just saw this, thought it was interesting and wanted to see what you guys thought.


There is no question that you'd gain weight with a caloric intake that high. You'd have 5000 calories before factoring food into the equation, and be cosuming 350g of protein pre meals.


Yeah that is the truth. It seems Russian Bear seems to take the shotgun affect to gaining weight. Instead of calculating how much you need and eating that, you would just eat more than you could possibly need. It seems like the whole process could be rather traumatic to your physiology if you didn't ramp up your metabolism gradually. Honestly I don't know, I would be curious to learn more about the health affects of largely overeating, hypertrophy, and people with a difficult time gaining weight


Forget that crap. You need food. Lots of it.


Isn't this the shit with broken english writing all over the container? I know it's supposed to be authentically Russian or something, but I'd have trouble with trusting supplements that had package copy less articulate than Ivan Drago.


"As a dietary supplement mix one container together with one gallon of whole milk and drink throughout the day."

How? In a bucket like calf milk back on the farm? It's a 4 pound container ffs.

This shit is ridiculous. Like the V-Diet for gainers, just have one tub of Russian Bear per day...


save your money and get something like universals real gains which has micellar and whey protein I believe and yes it has malto dextrin so it's awesome I think for pre workout and morning, mid day. I've only hear good things about this gainer. Never have heard jack on this russian one. That alone speaks volume.

Also it's not hard to make your own gainers, light tasting olive oil+whey protein(2-3 scooops)+oats(1 cup), woila bad ass weight gainer recipe. add whole milk and watch the cals add up quick. learned it from an ifbb pro. he does meal/shake/meal/shake/meal/shake all day.


Your body cannot even digest and utilize that much protein at one time...sounds like you could be doing some expensive shitting and pissing.
Eat food, then when your full have another bite. After that, think that ~3500 calories equals 1 pound and gorge some more.. That's 3500 calories that sticks to your bones.


I have the best way to gain muscle and mass with eating... mass drink and a couple over the counter products.

I have gained 55lbs in a year and grew 3 inches, u can look at this pic that was taken 3 weeks ago Im 167 and as of a few days ago I weighed in at my phsyical at 179..You have to be commited and focused.Im lifting for a yr and its a small part of my task of getting myself to play D-1 Football.The hardest thing is that I cant tell the change as its happing till my pants r to big or I have pictures taken


Heh, well as I said this thread was really about me asking if I should take this, I was merely interested about what everyone had to say about it. It seems patently obvious that the general outlook towards RB is pretty negative, how exactly does it compare to what would be considered a "good" weight gainer?


Weight Gainers are never good.
Real food. Make yourself shakes of milk and stuff. (Everything but the kitchen sink) Search for recipes here or google