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Not Ready to Go at 5:30am...


I simply cannot lift after work with all the things that go on in life.... I am forced to go at 530am and get 45 minutes in..... My problem is that I am just not ready to go heavy at that time... Never mind shaking off the morning but, it takes some time for back to get flexible. With that said if my goal is fat loss then what do you suggest for my 45 minute routine? weights/cardio? a mixture of both? pace? I appreciate your feedback.... Thanks


I lift 3 days per week at 5:30 myself for 45-55 minutes. I fortunately have an equipted gym in my basement so it is very convient to train. Monday is chest, shoulders and tris, Wednesday back and biceps, Friday legs and low back. I use a treadmill the off days. Over the years I have collected a lot of equipment that people have got bored with.

If fat loss is a goal then don't underestimate the need for solid weight workouts and a clean diet. Don't deprive yourself of food and consider whey protein and creatine as well as a lot of water- up to 100+ oz. per day.

As far as not going heavy, that ability will come with time. I'd suggest some light stretching and 3 to 4 warmup sets on each exercise. For example Monday I start with dumbell bench going 35,45,65,85, before I do my 2 working sets with 95. All warm up sets are between 10 to 12 reps and I go all out on the work sets only. I don't rest too much as I think metabolism is stimulated by using weights with never more than 60-80 seconds between sets to keep up the heart rate.

Pre-workout drink can be helpful too. Currently on lifting days I taked 2 scoops of Jack3d(great stuff by the way) and whey protein in water. On treadmill days whey protein used as a creamer for 8 oz. of coffe works great.Post workot drink is water more whey mixed with creatine and glutamine for recovery. I also take fish oil and vitamin d.

Again, start each exercise with light i.e.very light warmup sets and over time you'll find it is the best part of your day.



Hot shower ,and coffee


Caffeine always did it for me, but it still took at least a half hour to get going.


You can burn a lot of calories doing HIIT in short bursts. 20 minutes here and there. Don't give up the lifting. Suck it up and get used to training when you can until your schedule allows differently.


I get up at 4:30 take two spike and foam roll for 15-20 min and by that time mentally awake. I warm up a lot before I start the big lifts, and I work out Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri. I agree about not being able to lift after work, with wife, kids and life just couldnt do it. My suggestion get up at 5 am and get warm. Good luck


Complexes and some cardio. Been training at O-dark30 for years now.... Wouldn't have it any other way


Thanks guys... Good information... I'm seeing that most people go with a mixture of the two.. probably keeps things alot more interesting as well.. forgot about the complexes and how good they are in a short time... I'm not a big coffee drinker but, the hot shower is a must...

Thanks things went real well this morning...


Coach John Davis had this renegade training long time ago called fat to fire...the articule is long gone here on T-Nation...think his website is renegadetraining.com ... good work for short period of time.