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Not Noticing My Test Kick

Hey guys I have run a cycle before about ten months ago I ran ten weeks of 500mgs sust a week 350 mgs of deca a week and 50mgs of dbol a week. But I just got on a low dose of test enanthate (just 250mgs a week) but its been 3 weeks and a few days and I haven’t noticed anything at alln any ideas??

You went from a cycle with 1.3g per week to a cycle with 250mg/wk. What did you expect to notice?

I personally am a proponent of lower doses than most forum based ‘Steroid’ sites seem to suggest, so i am surprised (assuming training, diet and lifestyle are all satisfactory and [being] equal) that you notice nothing from the current dose.

However look at it this way, if you are expecting to get the same effect from 1200mg of AAS a week as from 250mg of AAS a week you are asking a little too much.

250mg a week will give a physique and performance benefit alright, but not on a par with 1200mg - all else being equal.

If you are untrained till you started this new dose, if you aren’t training sufficiently, if you aren’t eating enough protein, you wont get much from most any dose.

I will stop short of suggesting you increase the dose as you have only mentioned the drugs and i know that is a common mistake; not that you are definitely making such a mistake, just that it is possible at this point.

Lastly, 3 weeks would be enough to see an increase in desired results if the dose was higher… say 400-500mg+ as the third week would have built up a relatively high level in the body… give it time and you WILL see benefits by the same method.

Ya mann I’m not trying to turn into the hulk, I’m on a westside system my diet is decent, not everyly badn but I work in construction all day so the reason I’m on such a low dose is just to help with recovery cause work takes it out of me