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Not New But Still Learning

I’ve been training since about 1980 and used to read those stupid bodybuilder rags.Looked at the photos for inspireation,read the routines and followed some.I did split routines and lots of sets.I was always thin,but got musclular[sorta].

After reading info here I realized I was doing it all wrong.No more split routine.In three weeks I gained 5 pounds of [hopefully] muscle.

Just wondered what you all think of my new routine,BTW I know I don’t have the genetics to be huge and am fine with that,my goal is just to be the best I can and to kick butt.LOL.

So here it is.
warm up,stretching&bands, crunches &neck exercise,single leg squats,leg curls,calve raises,dumbell bench,dips,overhead presses,bent rows,upright rows,ez-curls,wrist rolls.
All for 2 sets and heavy 6-8 reps.

Of course three times aweek and I substitute different exercises,like pullups instead of rows on some days.Is this okay?I have a very physical job ,oh and I do rest a day between.Any advice?Thanks.

Add DL’s! I wouldn’t worry about the crunches. If you really want to work your abs, stick to squats and DL’s. This is a really great article on core work.


Incoroporate a couple of lifts into your routine. Not only will you notice that your overall strength increases, but you’ll see abs a lot faster than you would by doing crunches.

Thanks,I should add I workout at home.The local gym closed years ago,so I’m limited to what I can do.

Throw in the crunches if you got the energy for it, it won’t hurt.

  • though if you really want abs you have to get your bodyfat down to a certain percentage - which really depends on your body and genetics.

Deadlifts, Delts! Rear and Lats! DB flies!
Check out the various articles on this site for more info on variations you can perform.

Hell if you doing standing db shoulder press you’re working your core too to stabilize the movement :slight_smile: variation in posture, position, grip, angle, all of that creates fundamentally new workouts that surprise your muscle fibers. I’m sure you’ll learn so much more if you invest the time to read the various workout articles written at this site.