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Not Necessarily High-T


Here is a brief translation of The Introvert Advantage. What we call high-T is far more correlated to extroversion. The book revolves around the premise that there are significant differences in the way the nervous system operates in introverts and extroverts. In short, the classic Adrenaline Rush charges the batteries of extroverts, while it drains the reserves of introverts, and each type develops strategies and behaviors to 'feed' itself accordingly.

Judge for yourself. 1-4-7-8 sure remind me of T-studies. :0)

1) Extroverts tend to engage more in illegal behavior, divorce more, change jobs more frequently, make and lose friends, and find themselves in conflict situations than introverts.

2) Introverts tend to perform better than extroverts in jobs that require very focused tasks, like airline control. An extrovert would probably die of boredom if he had to spend a day watching a screen: "Look at that! Another 747..."

3) Extroverts perform better at (trade) school and at exams. Introverts, on the other hand, have more success at the university (college) level.

4) In a pain tolerance study, extroverts complained more than introverts, whether they had received comments or not (???). Extroverts seem to have a higher level of pain tolerance.

5) In a memory test, introverts performed better than extroverts, whether they received feedback or not. Extroverts performed better when the test integrated positive feedback during the process.

6) Insomnia is more frequent in introverts.

7) A 258 student study concluded that extroverts had higher self-esteem than introverts.

8) At high school level, children talk differently depending on their extrovert /introvert nature. The former tend to contradict their buddies and give corresponding examples, whereas the latter tend to collaborate and find creative solutions.

9) Extroverts adapt more easily to jet lag than introverts.

10) Extroverts prefer 'silly' humor, whereas introverts are more attracted to constructive humor.


Also: Extroverts outnumber Introverts 3 to 1.


Extroverts are not necessarily better?

This is some funny shit. Of course they are better, in each and every way.

Not being able to handle adrenaline rushes means not being able to function properly in society, or to be creative.

Great athletes, great leaders, great artists (yes, great artists are extroverts, no matter how weird and socially unacceptable) are extroverts. Losers are introverts.

Btw, this article with each and every one of its paragraphs is an example of why most of today's general media is nothing but watered down "did ya know" "Q&A" "even your retarded cousin and his speaking parrot can read this" shit.


Yup. That describes me (introvert) just about perfectly.

It's hard to tell if Classy was being serious or just using the findings as a template for his response.


I am being serious.

The only "advantage" that the text mentions is better memory for introverts...AS LONG as the extroverts aren't getting feedback.

When they do get feedback, they exhibit better memory. That basically means that extroverts are better at remembering things that have social relevance.

Need I say more?


Classy proves he isn't, yet again...


Oh vrom, I am so sorry I have incisive views.

But, unlike you, I'm not just starting my sociology studies.

I am going to throw a question your way: do I really have to accept introverts as equals of extroverts. Is any other opinion incorrect? Morally, socially..how is it incorrect?


No man, you also adapt to jet lag more quickly. Thats a big bonus. Especialy when you go flying off on a tangent.

so what is dispersion of responsability?


I'm flying off on a tangent when the title is "Not Necessarily High-T"? I say damn right high T.

Dispersion of responsability? Is that a test? You should first make sure Google isn't working.


Oh come on man, you shouldn't have to use Google. It's one of the most common sociological phenomanon in the world. It's right up there with groupthink and peck order. You have to have learned about it.


I'm a classic introvert, too. And I suppose it would be safe to say I'm not high-T, because I'm female.

I spend a fair amount of time watching the world do its thing from the peace and solitude of my cozy corner. Here are some anecdotal truths I've come to accept about the introvert/extrovert thing:

1) Extroverts seem to believe their social preferences are normative. They're forever trying to get introverts to be more extroverted. I've yet to see an introvert try to get an extrovert to convert.

2) Introverts seem to make extroverts nervous. Extroverts seem to make introverts weary.

3) American culture seems to lionize extroversion and demonize introversion.

I'm struck by how quickly the first two observations were confirmed by this thread. Classy appears to want extroversion to be intrinsically superior to introversion. And he's already making me tired.

Takes all kinds to make a world, I guess.


I am qite extrovert therefore against people testing me. What I am even more against is people testing me over the internet. I don't need to use google, but I could, which makes any attempt to test my knowledge pretty useless (that is, unless you make it less obvious, and you make me slip without noticing wink wink).


I don't doubt that you are an extrovert. What I doubt is that you studied sociology.(winkwink nudgenudge)


Einstein = introvert
Michael Jordan = introvert
Isaac Newton = introvert
Steven Spielberg = introvert
Steve Martin = introvert
Thomas Edison = introvert
Abraham Lincoln = introvert
Alfred Hitchcock = introvert
Bill Gates = introvert

You're a funny guy.

People aren't pure extroverts or introverts, they are almost all somewhere in between. I'm right about in the middle.

The MBTI is barely more scientific than astrology.