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Not Much Time...What to do?

Just last Saturday at my art history class I was able to meet this most amazing girl. The class goes from 9-11am and I had a conversation with her during the 15 minute break and for a few minutes after class, learning a good deal about her. She is extremely intelligent, friendly, and well poised, as well as VERY HOT. I’m going to be asking for help here, but the issue is not shyness or anything like that. Not being a schlep myself, I have no problem being confident and making good conversation. The issue instead is time. For one thing, the class meets only once a week, with only a 15-25 minute window to talk and the semester ends in 4 weeks. To make things worse, she told me that in addition to being a full time student, she works 50 hours a week!! I would have tried to keep talking after class last Saturday but she had to run to work right away. Obviously, I’m going to have to be a little more aggressive and forthcoming than usual, but I’m debating how to do so without scaring her away. Since there is a coffee shop nearby, I was considering offering to buy her a cup of coffee during class break the next time I see her, then going from there. Of course, because of her schedule, arranging a date will be difficult as well. Ladies and love doctors of the forum, I ask you to help a fellow T-man bag this rare and exotic species of T-vixen, as time is short and the window of opportunity is small. Thanks and God Bless.
~John Schwartz

Well, sound like you have your angle, but I’d say go into it with positive assumptions and let HER shoot them down (if she’s so inclined). Ask to get together, and WHAT TIME WOULD BE BEST FOR HER. Get her number and ASK WHAT TIME IS BEST TO CALL. When you have a window like that, not only do you know when to call, she also knows when you’d be calling.

Definately go with the coffee idea. It’s none threatening for her and does’nt take a large investment in time. Short coffee dates are a great way to get to know enough about a person to decide if a longer date is worthwile. Good luck

here is what I would do, I would make up a phony lottery, have her win it (pay with your own money) that way she would be able to quit her 50 hour a week job (unless she loves it or something) and she would have time to go out with you.

Go with the coffee thing and see what happens from there. If she is interested in a “real” date she will find the time, despite her work and school schedule. Women are masters at organizing enough time to pursue a romantic connection if they are truly interested in it. Good luck!

Get her email address, why you’re at it, too. And find out if she can also chat a bit in some online chat room. That is if you have access to a computer…

John,John, John. Just ask her. At worst she’ll say no. Alot of hot chicks get hit on by jerks. If your not a jerk I’ll bet your in. 15-25 minutes is loads of time. I’ve had dates in 5 min. Now go get her or someone like me will.