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Not Maxing Out on ME Deadlifts?


Im doing a westside type program and want to deadlift more than is typical. Im not sure why they dont deadlift much, whether it is because it is really hard on the body to recover from or that they figure squats and all the assistance also work the deadlift.

But I want to include more deadlifts on both ME and DE days. I do notice though that if I max out on a deadlift im a lot more trashed than if I max out on a squat.

So, in your opinion would it be ok to not really push a max each time I deadlift, but instead warm-up to around 90% 1rm and perform a couple singles? Or would something like a 3rm be a better bet?

Todays would be something like this:

ME Deadlift standing on 1-2 45's (either 1rm, 3rm, or mutliple singles)
Goodmorning 5x5 or 4x8
Shrugs 4x10
Band leg curl 4x10
Face pull 4x15
Abs 3x10 (straigh leg spread eagle situps)


You can max on a deadlift variation in westside, you should have them in your rotation anyway. They just don't generally do it often.

The theory is that it overlaps squatting too much. I actually went backwards on my DL when trying westside. The biggest reason I don't really do it anymore.


You could do multiple singles at 85-95 % (like 8-12). That would certainly be productive.


They deadlift all the time according to Greg Panora and AJ Roberts.

That said, I would just not go to a full max. I deadlift every week and follow prilipen's chart. I am about 40lbs lighter and my deadlift is as strong as its ever been.


Alright guys thanks. I typically pull sumo, but my hips are getting beat up pulling sumo and back squatting wide. I am weak off the floor, so I figure conventional deads from a deficit and speed deads will help quite a bit. I'll give it a try with more frequent pulling (something like 1x per week either DE or ME) and see if it helps my deadlift.

Thx again.


They pull a good amount. But they pull less full range and when they do, more often than not, its not a near competition max. i guess the main reason is that the deadlift can be trained without maximal loads at all times and it is hard as hell on your nervous system.