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Not Making Gains

Ask your coach! He should have more info than we should.

That being said, you’re 15 years old. Just eat until you’re full and keep playing sports.



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Definitely agree with do what your coach says. Your goal is being on the team he’s leading. For what it’s worth, like @Frank_C said, I didn’t gain weight until I was 20; I’d been playing sports and lifting for years, and then I just blew up one summer. You can’t control what puberty is going to do.

And that link doesn’t seem to work. What did I do wrong?

We can’t post external links. We’re limited to youtube and a few other video links.

Think I fixed that for you.

Thanks! Can you come show the rest of us at the retirement home how to use the Interwebz?

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Thanks. It was YouTube I couldn’t even figure out

No way. I’ll get sucked in by bingo, hard candies that taste weird, and early bird specials.

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Alright, I have been bulking at around 3100 cals for 4 weeks. Im 15, 5’9, 144Ibs, and my bodyfat is 16-17%. Im kinda worried to bulk because of how high my bf % is. I have been lifting with no plan for around a year and a half and made no noob gains. I have football wokouts that consist of running and lifting .I just want to be able to look good with shirt off. Is bulking the way to go? I have pics of me on my last post so you can see me phyisque.

Thats because

Here ya go:

Complete adherence to the above will produce results. But, alas, you won’t be jacked tomorrow, not even next week. But by the time your 20, hell even 18, you’ll look like you lift.

Ok, I have football conditioning in the morning that is on mon, tue, wed, fri. for this whole Summer. Should I still go to the gym after the workout?

Dude, you just posted in the beginner forum about the same thing. You’ll get the same answers here.

But I’m still in a helpful mood…

What is “football conditioning”? Describe it in detail.

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Ok, no one answered my question about bulking or cutting. As I said, I just want to be able to look decent. You guys told me to ask my coach on what I should do. Of course he would want me to gain weight. The conditiong consists of sprints, foot work drills, and strength training

I said details, bud! What is the strength training? Exercises, sets, and reps?

As far as bulking or cutting, neither.

You’re growing. Eat lots of meat and vegetables. Eat breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack (optional). Don’t think about bulking and cutting. Eat to fuel your body and make sure you don’t do the typical teenage thing and go all day without eating.

I think a lot of people were referring to the workouts that your coach would like for you to do when they said listen to him. Crossing coach can be detrimental to your playing time (even if he’s an idiot).

Monday: Squat 5,3,5,5,5 /Cleans:5x3/Single leg squat: 3x8/Medicine ball throw:3x5 /Kb swing:3x12
Tuesday:Bench:5,3,5,5,5/Cleans:5x3/One arm db press (each arm) 3x8/ Underhand bent over row: 3x10/ Plate raises 3x12/ Pullups with one arm using a rope:3x8/ Shrugs:3x10
Wensday:Recovery day
Thursday:Hang cleans:5x3/Box squats:3x5/Super squat 3x10/RDL:3x10
Friday: OHP:5,3,5,5,1+/ Deadlift:5x5/ Kb clean 3x10/Super Shrugs:3x5/Skull crushers:3x10/ Db curls:3x10
This is what I can piece together, this should be pretty accurate as I dont remember everything on the board

Not the worst lifting scheme I’ve seen, it will work if you apply yourself to it and gradually increase weights. Learn the lifts. Eat for fuel and limit junk. Sleep 8 hours in pitch black.

If that is what coach wants the team doing then do that. It’s actually a decently balanced program. You can control the weight that you use so always push to add weight. If you don’t have scheduled deloads or recovery weeks then push yourself to the point that you feel worn out and weak at the start of a week. Once that happens then drop your weights by about 30% for the week and then hit it hard the next week. I’d you don’t get run down then just keep pushing yourself. Eat to fuel those workouts.

Personally, I shoot for 40-60 grams of carbs and protein before and after I lift. More than that won’t hurt. If you train early in the morning and can’t stomach a meal before the workout then get creative.

Powerade or Gatorade is a source of simple carbs and won’t fill you up for training. Drink before or during your workout. Down a protein shake with water instead of milk so you have a little protein in you at the start if a session.

You definitively don’t need to worry about cutting unless you drift towards the obese category. Making smart food decisions will help your physique even if you are eating too much. Chicken breast/steak, potatoes, and a slice of cheese will treat you better than a pizza from the cafeteria even if the macros are identical.


All right man , I really appreciate it!

Why are you worrying about bulking and such at 15? Just focus on eating, training and sleeping. Drop the bulking nonsense and just eat. If you get fat, eat less, if you get skinny, eat more.