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Not Making Gains Anymore

Ummm will try to keep this short:

when started it all seriously and upped my cals a lot more and all that, was doing Waterbury’s TBT. I now work full time and work out mon / wed / fri, but usually just doing 4 exercises for a workout, (antagonistic to save time [think that’s the right word)…

was making good progress and put on a few kilos so far, + upping my lifts. (probly been about 3 months or so…)

and that’s basically it - was ill for a week or and couldn’t train, (bout 3 weeks ago) but I haven’t made much progress recently or been adding much weight (bodyweight lol) so feel like I need some new ideas?!

I tink im limited at home cos only got a bench + dumbells, but buying more weight and a chinning bar. my core exercises seem to be deadlift / squat / bench / row / + other less frequent ones…

Also probly worth noting I stick to quite a simple formula (more from the original TBT stuff) of working bodyparts 2 or 3 times a week, with 4-6 rep sets, 8 rep sets, and a higher rep set on the different days…

is it as simple as changing up my parameters etc or shud I stick to teh same but get more calories (or even both lol) Jus wanted some comments really on how to take my training forward please… Thanks. (sorry it’s so long…)

Not sure if I see in your article how long you have been doing your program. It may simply be that you need to change to something different, say CW’s 10x3 method for 8 weeks.

If you stay on the same program for very long and maintain the same calories your body will adapt and you plateau.

I personally like the 10x3 (look under Chad Waterbury’s articles on the left) I do it for two days and on the third day I will do like a 8x8 day. I also mix this up from week to week. I will aslo only do this for eight weeks and then move to something else before my body recognizes what I am doing.

Good luck !!!

so in real short… is as simple (hopefully) of switchin up the parameters and going for someting different…

eat more and try to lift your basement instead or benching…haha

if sumthing doesnt work anymore just switch,if switching doesnt work then you need to think