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Not Makin Too Many Gains


Hey guys, I posted a few weeks back about starting to lift again and eating to bullk up.

Anyways I've gained about 10 lbs so far, but thats it, my gains arn't coming as much as they used too, I think I just need to eat more and get more rest. Do you guys have any suggestions?

My lifts have gotten easier though.

I remember I DL 175lb the first time I lifted I thought I was ganna die, then the 2nd time I DL I did 195lbs for 3 sets of 5, it felt so much easier. This was two weeks after I had gotten used to 175.

My squat went up as well it was 115lb, now its 175lb 1rm.

My bench also went up from 115 to 155 1rm.

I also started to do power cleans, as of now they are my favorite lift. I did 145lbs 1rm

I've read A TON of Chad Waterbury's articles. I just need to get back in the gym and apply everything I know.

Since it's thanksgiving break I wont be able to lift till next Monday, and when I miss a workout I always feel bummed.

But I'am glad I can have a break and allow myself to recover, plus all the turkey is good.

But if you guys can help me out feel free to give me some advice.


ht 6'3
wt 150 lbs

I also eat 3 bowls of oats a day along with 5-7 tbs of peanut butter with milk.

Thanks so far T-Nation!



Too much to really get into with a single post but do a search for vrooms beginners thread. Tons of great info on there for you.

Chad's articles are great and will help you out tremendously. I can see that you are a beginner but do not know how old you are. I would think you are fairly young. Just stick with his programs and you will make very good gains.

As for diet, at 6'3" and 150lbs you are a freakin bean pole, I would just eat as much as you possibly can stuff down your pie whole till you reach 200lbs. Do a search for the skinny bastards diet and massive eating. They will put you in the right direction.

If I were you, I would eat non-stop 8-12 meals a day even waking up in the middle of the night to have an extra meal if you are that serious about gaining mass. Just make sure you are getting in tons of protein. I wouldn't be too worried about fat gain at this point.

I know my post is kind of plain and simple but with you being a newbie and all its going to take time to gain a considerable amount of mass. Be patient, stick to Chad's programs, read skinny bastards diet and massive eating for better guidelines, and just eat like a madman!

If you still aren't gaining weight, EAT MORE!!!

Good luck!


If your not so cool with missing your w/o over Thanks-giving, you could do some GPP stuff at your home in the back yard or down the street. It will keep you in the groove of working out and give your body a break form what you'v been doing in the gym.


Well I wanna stay lean, but at the same time get bigger only problem is I run track, I do the 100m 200m and 4x1 relay. I think gaining 50 more lbs would slow me down a bit maybe not. But thanks for all the suggestions. BTW I'm 16.



Maurice Green is 5'9" and weighs 180 pounds...

his muscle mass has not slowed him down...

if Maurice were 6'3" at his same body structure would weigh around 240 lbs...

if you gained 50 pounds of lean body mass in the right places you'd be a hell of a lot faster than you are now...


Thats good to know, I appreciate hearing things like that, they boost my attitude and what not.

Anyways I've gone back and read through vroom's beginner thread and have picked up some more stuff. Foods, calories, ect.

One question, I read through some of the stuff you can buy at the T-Nation store.

I read and found those Grow! bars, do they still sell those? I also read into some stuff about Spike, HOT-ROX, and Surge.

I have talked to my mom about supplements, mainly getting some whey protein and she has just laughed at me.

Shows how serious my own mother takes what I'm really ambitous about.

So I doubt I would be able to pass any of those off to her.

Not to mention that they are probobly supposed to be used by guys who have a couple years of lifting under their belt and not a total newbie like myself.

Anyways as always thanks for all the info!



You are right about everything but the protein powder. Especially for us skinnier guys trying to gain weight, that stuff is gold. Protein Powders+steak+eggs=you getting bigger. If you absolutely can't get any, get some milk, it works great. Hell, toss some cream in there too! Surge would be excellent, but isn't necessary. I'd recommend against Spike and HOT-ROX until you need them later on (Spike to rev you up for working out, HOT-ROX for cutting).


Thing big man. Eat more than you've ever ate before, in every single meal. Think about benching 315 and squatting 405. Think about doing 30 pull-ups. You need to add tons of weight, so eat and don't be a pussy in the weight room. You already know what you have to do, so do it.


Hi, most of all read all the articles/advice here regarding proper nutrition [proteins/carbs/fats and micronutrients] THEN go from there. Pay attention to avoiding trans fats and keeping saturated fat intake at proper levels. You may be heading for health problems 20 years down the road if you are simply gobbling up everything in sight without taking into account the need for a properly balanced and nutritious diet. You must do the research on nutrients stuff like insulin; it's mostly all here at the site. Expand your searches on realted topics through google too.


As a sprinter, what is most important for you is relative body strength, along with power development. Chin-ups and pull-ups are great indicators of relative body strength. The others are right, gaining muscle (and thus weight), will greatly help your sprint performance. Doing chin-ups is a great way to see if your relative strength is going up. Keep gaining weight as long as your chin-up strength is increasing.

Obviously that is not an exact measure, but it will give you an easy guideline to go by. Also, as a sprinter (or any athlete really), you need constant work developing the posterior chain. Box squats, RDL's, Good Mornings, Reverse Hypers, Glute-Ham Raises. Develop the posterior chain and obviously keep working on your sprinting technique and you will get faster.


The weight room at my highschool dosn't have boxes could I use a bench to substitute for the box for box squats?

I have started to do Good Mornings and will introduce them into my work outs as well.

I try to stay away from the romanian DL, just because the strength training coach has told me that if done the wrong way that it can really mess up your back, so I do the original DL along with squats depending if it is a DL day or a Squat day.

But thanks for the advice!



Virtually any exercise executed with improper form can lead to an injury. The RDL is no exception.


You have a point there, only reason I said that was because my strength training coach suggested the Normal style as opposed to the Romanian style.

I'll talk with him to see what he says.

Thanks very much!