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Not Losing Weight on 2000 Cals

Ok so I have been bulking pretty much since I started lifting which has been for 3 years. I’ve gone from 130 lbs my senior year of highschool to currently 175 lbs. while I have gained a lot of muscle I’m still not comfortable doing a cut and trying to get lean yet I want to continue to put on size. But at the point where I am right now I believe I have put on too much body fat in guessing I’m about 17-18% now so from all the YouTube videos I watch and article I read online. I decided to do a mini cut. If you guys know Omar isuf and Eric helms they both recommend selling your calories between 10-12 calories per lb of body weight to do a mini cut, no transition period just drop you calories because it’s only a quick 4 week weight loss period just to lose some unwanted fat. So I have been eating roughly 2000 cals for the past 2 weeks and I haven’t lost a single lb even today I weighed in at 176 lbs which is a lb more than I started my mini cut. So can someone explain to me how I went from a slow bulk at 2800-3000 calories to a mini cut at 2000 calories and and I haven’t lost a single lb and have possible gained a lb. how is this possible? I have been counting macros for 3 years now and I know what I’m doing so it can’t be user error or inaccurate macro counting.

Go back on your slow bulk (whatever that means), get on a proven, solid program for your goal(s) and start doing hard conditioning.

If you add muscle and your fat amount stays the same, you will get leaner.

Also, Peri work out nutrition. Look it up.

You also gave up 700 calories overnight. Body is reacting to the drastic change. Start at 15x body weight total calories, 1gr of protein per bodyweight, 20% of calories in fat and the rest is carbs. If you loose weight, don’t change anything. If the weight stops for two weeks, go to 14x bw calories and the rest the same. And so on and so forth.