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Not Losing or Gaining Weight in 11 Weeks

I’ve been on TRT now for almost 3 months (11 weeks to be precise) and I am not loosing any weight, or gaining any weight either. Trust me, I want to lose weight, I got a pot belly I want to get rid of that is stubborn as a mule.

I just started Adex 2 weeks ago because my E2 levels were WAY through the roof. Here are all my labworks:

TT = 794
FT = 174.7
E2 = 71

I’ve actually tested this theory out, about loosing vs gaining weight. I ate like a hog for a week straight, candy, soda, spaghetti, McDonald’s, etc, and still weighed in the same 200 lbs.

Then I tried a severe calorie deficit (1500 calories a day, AVG RMR is 2200) for a whole week, while eating only vegetables, fruit, protein, chicken, steak, eggs, etc and did not lose one single pound in that week.

Is this going to take more time, or do I need to SHOCK my body somehow, someway, to start losing weight? This is sooooo frustrating!

It’s going to take consistency. Eating a certain way for one week is nothing, especially when it’s as vague as “I ate like a hog.” Oftentimes people overestimate how much they eat when bulking and underestimate it when cutting.

And I do not believe this is specifically a TRT issue. While hormones may be playing a role, diet and training are separate entities. You’re more likely to get accurate advice about dialing the these in outside of the TRT forum.

What are the details of your current training and nutrition plan?

To be clear, you’re the same weight and bodyfat now as you were 3 months ago before starting TRT?


Exactly! No matter what I do, the scale does not move one way or another. Now my Endo told me that that I should start losing weight as my Test levels are as high as they are, and getting my E2 levels down to a normal range too.

Now it could just be that since I started Adex 2 weeks ago, that I haven’t noticed the changes yet. However, I do feel a lot more mass and definition in my muscles…but that scale not budging thing has really gotten me irritated.

Do keto for 3 months.

Which is why I asked: “What are the details of your current training and nutrition plan?”

Okay so, this wasn’t mentioned before but should’ve been.

Have your measurements changed (like tape measurements and/or how clothes are fitting)? Are you seeing visibly change in the mirror or progress pics? If your sole indicator of progress is the scale, you’re set to be disappointed because it can fluctuate from throughout a single day and doesn’t indicate actual lean muscle vs bodyfat vs water.

And especially if your body is doing some recomposition, you can gain 4 pounds of muscle and drop 4 pounds of fat, which means the scale won’t change but you’ll look noticeably better.

I don’t really have a lot of detail with nutrition, but I keep my portions small, and eat when I am hungry only.

Training details:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
7am start with a one mile run
Then I move onto planks (3 minutes forward and side each)
Pushups 50 - 75
Pull ups 20 - 30
Crunches 60 - 80
Burpees 30 - 50

Monday and Friday Afternoon (Monday and Friday only, Wednesday off)
Resistance Band biceps and triceps (until failure)
Resistance Band flies (upper, lower, and mid until failure each)
Resistance Band obliques and shoulders (until failure)
Resistance Bands Pull Downs overhand and lowerhand (until failure)

Tuesday and Thursday
7am one mile run
30 - 50 Burpees
75 - 100 Lunges
60 - 80 Frog Squats
60 - 80 Crunches

Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon
Resistance Bands Squats (until failure)
Resistance Bands Lunges (until failure)
1 foot Jump Ups (until failure)
Resistance Bands Crunches (until failure)

7am 50 lbs backpack hike for 1 mile

Sunday (off)

I’ve been doing this training since January, and it took me a while to get to this many reps. I pushed myself hard. It wasn’t until March that I started on TRT, so I’ve been doing these workouts for 2 months with very low T (293 TT March reading, so who knows how low I was before then). I have never worked out before, and have started to gain some significant belly fat, low energy, low libido, etc. I’m 41 years old.

But I think I still look the same, except now the fat in my chest and stomach looks more defined, and I can definitely see the muscle underneath it all (I can pop my chest now, and move both pecs individually…never been able to do that before). But the stubborn belly fat will not go away. However, I can feel very solid abdominal muscles underneath that belly fat, where it was just squishy before.

Do Keto.

Ideally, join a gym(if not already) and do this…

then this…

if want to stick with home workouts get a few dumbells and add these…

So if we were to calculate your calories over those two weeks, I’m betting between the heavy surplus and the severe deficit we’re averaging out to maintenance. Honestly, I’m not surprised you didn’t gain weight. You say “a whole week” like it’s a significant amount of time. Eat at a surplus for 16 weeks, increasing calories every time the scale stops moving. You’ll gain weight. Eat at a deficit for 16 weeks, decreasing calories every time the scale stops moving (and starting at 500 cals below maintenance, not crash dieting), and you will lose weight. Eat at a surplus for 1 week and a deficit for 1 week and the scale ain’t moving.


Okay yeah dude, really nothing you’re doing is meant to build muscle and improve your body composition. It’s light weight, high rep, calorie-burning stuff, but if you’re not giving your body calories in the first place, it’s not going to want to burn anything or, worse, it’ll end up having to burn muscle. You know how, if you hear hoofbeats… it’s probably not zebras? Well, you’re not losing fat… and it’s not because of the Adex or E2.

Get on a better structured training routine. Any of the info Badger posted is solid (especialy the complexes) and get an actual nutrition plan in order. Instead of just focusing on not eating much stuff, focus on eating the right stuff. This is one simple setup, but there are tons of others on the site.

The keto approach bluey keeps mentioning can be good for quick results, but is overly restrictive, takes a ton more attention, patience, and monitoring to do properly, and just isn’t necessary right now.

But why can no one answer the really important question, and that is…Why am I not gaining weight either?

I mean, I’m no biologist, or dietician, but there’s a balance of weight loss and weight gain. You would think that the scale would go one way or another…but it’s not…it stays the same…no matter what!

So let’s see what comes up with this enigma.

The body tends to stabilise unless the surplus or deficit is large enough. You need to drop calories or go low carb.

Because, as previously mentioned, you are not eating enough for long enough and your training isn’t very conducive to muscle growth