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Not Losing on Ketosis


I just finished my first full week into my keto diet and i haven't lost any noticeable inch's off my waist or dropped any pounds on the scale. I'll give as much background as i can to see if anyone can address a potential problem.

I'm 21 years old 5,7 tall 176.8 morning weight approximately 14%-15% body fat with a 33 inch waist around the navel. Over the last 6 months or so i dropped from 220 lbs with 28-30%% to this. Now i want to get to 10% or lower by my birthday April 20th.

Diet looks like this:

Breakfast: 3 whole omega-3 eggs, 3/4 cup egg whites, 4 slices chicken bacon.

Lunch: 3 whole omega-3 eggs, 3/4 cup egg whites, 4 slices chicken bacon.

Dinner: 3 whole omega-3 eggs, 3/4 cup egg whites, 4 slices chicken bacon.

Optional: 3 slices of low fat cheddar cheese and 100% gold standard whey protein shake in water.

I keep calories right around 2000 per day. Basically i always eat the aforementioned meals which break down to a macro nutrient break up like this.

Carbohydrates: 15 grams
Fats: 69 grams
Protein: 153 grams
Calories: 1260 calories

From there I'll add in the shakes and cheese until I'm full or get around 2000 calories. So lets say 2 shakes and 6 slices of cheese spread through the meals.

Carbohydrates: 21 grams
Fats: 101 grams
Protein: 255 grams
Calories: 2040

This aside i drink about 2 gallons of water spread throughout the day or 8 liters.

I train 4 times a week on the following split.


I do 15 minutes of HITT before every session with 1 minute strides and 30 sec sprints. Followed by 10 minutes of max incline walking on the treadmill after the workout. The actual weightlifting takes me anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on the day.

I have not deviated from this for 7 days and the scale just fluctuates between 176-177 and my waist measurement hasn't really dropped any. Also yes i always take weight and measurements on the same scale on the same surface in the morning on an empty stomach.

I really want to diet hard and shed all the fat i possible can between now and my birthday any help is appreciated.

Finally the ketostix confirmed that I'm in moderate to heavy ketosis.


I'm no keto expert, but this definitely doesn't look like "true" keto diet... too low in fats...

Also, get some diversity of foods in there. Meats, nuts, oils etc. Hopefully someone with a little more knowledge can help. Also consider, you have been dieting for quite a while. Your weightloss may slow down some. This was also just one week!


I agree with the last post. Your fat is way too low. Stop trying to do three different kinds of diets. Right now you're low calorie, low fat, and no carb. Take in more healthy fats and calories. Also, I would be careful doing all of that HIIT on a carb restricted diet. You could run into some muscle loss. And if anything, you should be doing it after your weight training.


Are you positive about more calories? Everywhere i go it recommends around 10-20% below maintenance or approx 500 calories below as optimal and my maintenance is about 2500. As for more fat I misread the diet and thought it called for more protein then it did. It recommended 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight. So lets say 175 grams of protein that's 700 calories and the rest from fat. That's 1300 calories from fat or round it up to 145 grams of fat. Then whatever i get from my 20 or so grams of trace carbs.


What you're doing isn't a ketogenic diet as such, it's a low carb diet. What you're eating will be short on a number of nutrients and whilst it's weird you aren't losing any weight or inches, long term this doesn't look healthy.

What you should do is read about the action of ketosis, read "The ketogenic diet: a complete guide for the dieter and practitioner" it explains everything including the common pitfall that you've fallen into : replacing carbs with protein.

The template for a ketogenic diet is to take your calories and give 70% of those to fat, then add in about 0.9g/lb of protein then there are carbs which will just come through veges and other trace amounts in the food you eat. You don't include fibre in the carb count.

For you this means you should aim for ~ 150g Fat, ~160g protein and then some carbs.

Add some variety to what you eat too, avacado, spinach, kale, fish oil, nuts etc.


I think this is a troll. No way that anyone thinks that the diet listed in the OP (note: same breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is even close to healthy. And if he does, then he needs to go read and not make dumb posts like this one.


First off, let's be realistic here guys, it has only been one week... I doubt you'll lose even an inch off your waist in only a week. At that calorie level you need to give it more time. Second, your diet looks fine and so does your calorie total. Your lack of vegetables does make it very unhealthy though. Center your vegetable consumption around green vegetables if trying to stay in ketosis.

Also, high fat is not necessary to go into ketosis, only the lack of carbs is. If you're not low on energy I wouldn't worry about a lower level of fat. The idea that high fat is required for ketosis comes from the diet prescribed to people with epilepsy. In order to control seizures a tightly controlled ketogenic diet is given where the protein to fat ratio must be perfect at most every meal. With fats much higher than protein.

This ratio puts them in a very deep state of ketosis that helps to control their seizures. However, for fat loss, which is what you're going for, it's not necessary to be in ketosis at all. The only thing you need is a calorie deficit, which you have. And if you're positive you want to continue with the ketogenic diet then all you have to do is make sure you're taking in less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. I hope this has helped.


It's not about being healthy for the long term i just wanted to lose as much weight as possible in 8 weeks. Also the reason my meals are all the same is because i only work part time so i can only afford like 70 dollars a week for food and supplements. Most of if not all the diets on this site require you to spends several hundred dollars on supplements alone.


Forget the keto diet and try something like the Rapid Fat Loss handbook. (google it.) No need to buy supplements or protein powder on that one.


I can't seem to find any info on it without having to buy it. I don't have a credit card or money to spare either sadly.


If anyone has a link i would greatly appreciate it.


You have 8 weeks.. Sounds like your prepping for Bal En Blanc? Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Good thread from way back:


Rapid Fat Loss is a PSMF, which of course stands for PROTEIN STRICTLY, MOTHA FUCKA.


Nah lol i just been dieting for like 7 months lost about 45 lbs. I just want to go all out now and get to 10% because that was my goal when i started this diet at 30% body fat and i don't like leaving a job half done. And most of the people i know told me there was no way i would have abs by my 22nd birthday so i want to show them whats up. This is also my first time ever attempting to diet so everything is really new to me i have no idea what to except.


If this is the case, then your OP makes even less sense.

a) Instead of Omega Three eggs, buy regular eggs.
b) Instead of chicken bacon, buy bulk chicken (boneless, skinless)

Seriously.....broccoli is like a dollar a pound.


If it's only been a week, I'll bet you're bunged up and will soon "lose" a few pounds once you become more regular.

  • You are producing ketone bodies, meaning you are in ketosis. Being in ketosis doesn't even matter that much as it imparts no real metabolic advantage.

  • At 14-15% bodyfat, you shouldn't expect massive decreases in scale weight on a weekly basis. 0.5-2 pounds a week is almost ideal. Of course, you should of seen some sort of weight decrease in the first two weeks of dieting with such a low carbohydrate intake and a fairly moderate caloric intake (should produce a deficit). You may be eating more calories than you think if you are not measuring what you are eating stringently.

  • Exercise intensity usually goes down in the first few weeks of ketosis as your body isn't yet adapted to do intense enough exercise at such a low carbohydrate level. You could possibly be burning less calories during exercise.

  • Why the fuck would you do 15 minutes of HIIT before weight training? Do it after or on days off. If the rest of your training program reflects on this kind of logic, then there may be a problem.

  • Your diet is unbelievably bland and boring. You have like 5 food items that you are eating. Eggs and bacon all day isn't a good idea. Where are vegetables and the real meat on your diet? If you aren't obsessive compulsive or if you have a life, you likely won't be able to maintain this diet for long. You are setting yourself up for nutrient deficiencies as well.

  • 2000 calories, no carbohydrates, and four 1.5-2 hour intense training sessions may run you down. I'd consider including carbohydrates somewhere in your regimen (possibly prior to workouts).

OVERALL, these would be my initial recommendations:

1) Be patient with your weight loss and stay consistent.
2) Do cardiovascular exercise AFTER weight training or on rest days.
3) Increase the variety of your diet. You should not eat only eggs and bacon. Include a few servings of vegetables, some beef/fish/chicken/turkey (AKA meat), nuts, and you can even include some dairy and fruit if you are willing to slightly increase your carbohydrate intake.
4) Possibly increasing carbohydrate intake either overall or at strategic times during the week may be a good idea.
5) Post your approximate strength levels, fitness level, and the details of your training regimen for advice on what you are doing right or wrong. You may need to make some changes.
6)If you are not losing weight, count the calories of what you are eating more precisely. Measure out portions more accurately. Adjust intake on a weekly basis dependent on progress.


fat loss wont be linear. you may not lose an ounce in two weeks then drop three pounds the next weigh-in (a bit of an extreme example but it happens)

as far as food costs go, i can usually get boneless skinless chicken breast for 1.99 a lb, normal eggs are dirt cheap but if you want a better fat profile throw out some of the yolks and add in EVOO for instance, also 93% lean ground beef for 2.99 a lb but is a little cheaper when you break it down and calculate what you're actually getting (beef is denser than chicken) and then there is always canned tuna and salmon anywhere from $.50 - $1.25

also the Rapid Fat Loss idea isnt a bad one... basically its the V-Diet but with whole foods and you get a carb-up day which is always good to have something to look forward to when dieting


John Berardi's get shredded diet... although he does mention if you have been under eating for a while this may not be your best choice