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Not Losing Muscle On Long Hikes?

I’m a big fan of hiking - so does anyone have tips on how to minimize muscle wasting when going on moderately long hikes? (6-7 days)

(Please resist the urge to say “eat lots of protien and calories”, because it’s obvious, I’m looking for more practical advice, what foods to bring, etc).

If you’re only going to be out 6-7 days, I would just consume alot of protein powder in excess of the regular hiker diet, and along with the walking, do some upper body exercises ie. push-ups with your pack, pull-ups from a tree limb. I think you’ll lose some muscle mass, but if you’ve been working out for at least 3-6 months, when you start lifting again post-hike, you should gain your strength and size back pretty quickly.
Depending on how advanced you are with weight lifting, you might not lose any strenth in your upper body (a week long break could be beneficial) but the leg strength is definately going to suffer in the very short term post hike.


Just have a good time for a week.

Your worry and stress is going to be more catabolic then the hike itself as long as you eat something.

Just my 2cc,

Thanks for the suggestions guys … anymore tips from experienced hikers ?