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Not Lifting Due to Commercial Training Facility


I know this shouldn’t matter too much but I have not been training with weights ( progressive calisthenics) because the only option I have is to train at NY Sports Club, a commercial gym. It is very frustrating and unmotivating to go 20 mins. there and back and be around typical gym tool bags sharing one squat rack. My question here is how should I go about training now, I don’t have much room if any for a home gym at the moment. What would Jim do?


Why does it matter who’s around? If there’s a rack you can squat and press. If there’s a bench you can bench. The floor will let you deadlift.

Atmosphere is overrated IMO. Yes, it can help, but it’s not essential. See point seven in Jim’s article below


Thank you Mark. Interesting read.


There’s a T-nation article about doing nothing but body weight squats and push ups and transforming your body that way.


Go to the gym, suck it up and save $$$ to get out of that dump.


That’s what ive been doing for years. Still in medschool, always broke af. When im a doc ill go to a nicer gym for a while and will get me a home gym eventually


I did that through med school, residency and my first few years in practice. Don’t skimp when the time comes. It will be one of the best investments you can ever make. I’ve been building my home gym since 1994. Adding ,replacing etc…