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Not left out

At last I saw it, someone doing curls in the squat rack. For so long I felt left out but this morn some dork did it, and as an added bonus he left the weights on when he left, what a guy. I’d seen the weight belt benchers and clown pants but never a squat rack curl guy, aahh the relief.

shoulda kicked his…or atleast hassled him a little…lol

Okay, I’ve got to get this off my chest: I curl in the squat rack. Yes, it’s true. The pins are just at such a damned convenient height (and I can alter them if need be!), and besides, no one else ever uses the thing for squatting. I’ll bet that there are a lot of other T-people out there who do the same thing. C’mon now, 'fess up. You’ve either done it…or you want to do it. (MBE, I KNOW your crazy ass has done it.) Let’s hear some confessions. It’ll be good for our collective soul.

I know everyone here likes to bash doing curls in the rack, but I think we’ve gone a little too far. At a lot of gyms, the dumbbell areas are the most crowded and its almost impossible to find room to do a barbell curl without someone running into the bar. I even have a really hard time doing lunges without someone running into me. The old adage of “you can do curls anywhere, but I can only do squats at the rack” is not as true as it might sound in a crowded gym. If three racks are open then I have no problem using one of barbell curls. I really don’t need the rack itself at all but it is where a barbell is and there really is no other place to move it that wouldn’t cause problems for me or someone else. Its fun to discuss interesting people and actions that we see at the gym but labeling people as ‘dorks’ just makes us seem like a bunch of 17 year old kids with an inferiority complex.

It was more the fact that he left the weights on after he left, combined with only 1 squat rack and a squat cage in the gym that got me, and any way I’m the only one allowed to hog all the gear :-). Fek, as for hassling him, a) he had gone before I realised, and b) he was bigger than me!!

He was bigger than you and you making fun of him,lol.

I too have used the squat rack to do curls before, I’m not going to lie about it.

I almost have to use the squat rack to do barbell curls in. I work out at my college rec center and there are 2 power racks and 1 stand-along squat rack. Those are the only 3 barbells in the gym besides the ones on the benches. As you might guess, the squat racks get used about 2% of the time and benches 98% of the time so it would be worse to curl in the benches. However, I rarely do barbell bicep curls for this reasons b/c I don’t want to be doing it in a squat rack if someone wants to squat there.

When I put bigger I meant about 4 inches taller, and about 15 years younger. Of course I’ll make snide, superior, behind his back comments about him, you don’t think I’m brave/stupid enough to actually confront anyone?

I think the rule should be: if you use the power rack to squat, then you have the right to use the rack for curls.

Substitute something else for squats for that time. Why pace the floor at someone else who peeves you? Man, you should see the doozies I observe–taking 2 or more dumbell sets and lining them up next to you, setting a waterbottle or towel next to “your” area, getting up and leave, and actually expect “your” place to stay empty until you return!

Allright, maybe I can concede that doing barbell curls in the power rack, if you use the rack to squat, can curl the weight with good form, and the gym is packed, may be seen as a necessity, but what about those who use those little fixed-weight barbells on the squat rack and rest the very ends of those little bars on the squat rack while the 3 mini plates on each side rotate impotently between the safety catches (and take 5 min. to recover from the effort, while giving curl pointers to their friends, who have managed to do the same thing on the other two squat racks)? Oh yeah – and then they used the same weights, with the same resting spots, for upright rows. Sorry, had to vent, as I saw that this morning.