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Not Just Physical Improvement


In Mark Rippetoe's article "a cold slap in the newbie face", he writes (In classic Rip style),

"From a more practical standpoint, your muscular size and strength increases your value as a man in the more important sense of work capacity. Bigger, stronger men are more valuable on the battlefield, the football field, the soccer field, and in any field of employment in which there is a physical component."

In my personal experience, my value as a human has increased on BOTH a physical and mental level through lifting weights. I used to be an out-of-shape, skinny-fat, loser who didn't know nutrition or hard work. I've found myself able to make faster, more logical decisions and I've increased my mental edge in general from training.

My contention is that lifting heavy makes you more mentally fit as well. Some might say that "being fit in general" would do the same, but I think that would include bros and/or cardio bunnies who don't actually strive for healthy/overall strength development and I would not consider most of the people I've met in these categories to be of the mental caliber I'm talking about.

Any thoughts or comments on this?


i lift things up and put them down............


Yes. Although it may be true for team sports and the like, I have never noticed much positive in the workplace. In fact, many people have the preconceived notion that if you are strong or well built you are ether stupid, angry, or both.

Even in heavy industry where strength could and should be an asset, most guys are fat lazy slobs who would much rather "let" someone else do anything difficult or laborious. I put let in quotations out of sarcasm due to the innumerable times some fat fuck that usually doesn't account for any actual work being done has "let" someone else more capable (me) do the most dangerous and difficult tasks a job may have to offer.

Granted, strength will make hard work easier, but it will also make it more frequent.

Of course having a stellar personality and the liberal use of phrases like "Hey you fat fuck! Why don't you loose some weight by actually moving your sorry ass today?" doesn't help anything.


You're right OP. I remember a study or two a few years ago that said that excercise... Well, I know that 'synapses' were involved. Something about better reaction time and higher IQ.

Cut me some slack, it was a long time ago.


Bigger, stronger men are more valuable on the battlefield, the football field, the soccer field, and in any field of employment in which there is a physical component.

Even when the physical component is not part of the job, it helps in the kindergarten to be 245lbs. I'm talking about me, the teacher...not one of the kids!


100 kids versus Nards, who would win ?


If I lie down on the floor for even a minute about 6 kids jump on me. It's actually very nice on the back when a kid or 5 jumps on it.


Can't say for sure that being a little more fit than the average has helped me in my profession, but it probably has.

I can tell you that being a "bigger" guy that has owned several pickup trucks, I seem to be on speed dial for every piano move, home relocate and weekend landscape project in town.


For some reason I pictured those little care-bear creatures from Star Wars jumping on you while declaring victory.


Working in heavy industry has taught me that this is bang on dude. I would always tackle the worst jobs just to be able to say "fuck you you fat fuck" cause I was angry and always felt I had something to prove...and dumb because now I got stuck doing it from then on lol. As far as raising my intellegence? Thats a bit of a stretch.


Nards, is this you at work?


Active release therapy?


No, this is Nards at work lol


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I dunno I don't do that much I bench liek 105 and wieght 115 but I dont workout I just to BMX and skate lol


This one is sadly more accurate but I prefer the Arnold one.


I am still dumb even if I lift weight


Perhaps I'm taking this in a different direction than intended by the OP. The way I see it, people who take lifting seriously enough to actually get bigger and stronger, are already extraordinary. To reach that point, they were required at some point to go completely against the grain and basically do the opposite of everything we ever heard growing up about "healthy exercise" and a "well-balanced diet." This is healthy skepticism, and whether or not it started in the weight room, or lead them there, I believe the correlation is inevitable with intelligent trainees. It is this mentality that I think will set them not only apart, but above the rest.


I agree completely. At work,im seen as a tool rather than someone of value. I do all the heavy lifting. I stack water,dog food,and soda,I place furniture and heavy bags of sugar or flour onto flatbeds,and I pull pallets of frozen food to coolers and freezers and more than I'd like to,I assist and help other coworkers and members. Now that im hurt and I cant do the things that my job entails,my mangers,supervisors,and coworkers that were once decent and even nice to me treat me like shit. Like the past 2 years where I did my job to my best ability and worked my hardest suddenly didnt meant shit. A sports team and everywhere else is different but when it comes to the workplace,dont get it twisted;Your a tool. They'll use you until your broken.


This! I swear to God that if you own a truck and have ever touched a barbell, everyone wants to be your friend on moving day. Dammit.