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Not just any DNP Thread


You want a walking chemistry experiment? Ok, you got it.

I will be taking the following each day..

250mg DNP days 1-3, 500mg days 4-7, 750mg days 8-12, 500mg days 13-17 and 250mg days 18-21
25mcg PG-CL 3x/day each 25mcg shot divided into 12.5mcg alternating bis/tris/delts
5iu Hygetropin/day
50mg clomid/day
20iu HMG/day
20mg Adderall XR (script)
50mg Tianeptine (12.5 4x day)

Supplements -- A well known online retailer's premium men's multi that includes the standard vit/min plus 1000mg alcar, 600 ALA, 500mg pomegranate xtract, Saw Palmetto, Grape Seed, coQ10, Pine Bark, Tumeric quercetin, resveratrol, lycopene, lutein, black pepper extract, and Zeaxanthin.

-800mg of Alpha GPC before works outs
-50grams of aminos before during and after work out
-metformin and NA-R-ALA with meals
-3grams of GABA, ZMA and Casein protein before bed
-800mg Pyruvate

Training style -- German Volume Training exactly as written.
Cardio- None

Diet- 2500 cal/day on training days 2200 on non training days --80% of fat intake from evening primerose and coconut oil. Majority of carbs from spicy brown rice that I am making that consists of shit ton of spicy peppers, lean grown turkey and stewed tomatoes and spices. I will eat this 3 times a day. I will have a mega cheat meal on days 5 and 12-I can eat whatever the f*ck I feel like and take extra metformin, Na-R-ALA and Fenugreek seed.

Don't want to get into too much detail with training protocols, I have always and will always go balls to the wall in the gym. I am very curious how my lifting numbers look by day 4-7 of being on DNP. Want to see if I can jack up my testosterone and HGH levels high enough to combat DNP.

Will write more later as specific questions come in. It's great to be back! I love and miss this place a lot! A lot has changed but some things haven't, I still see the same faces only they're meaner and leaner! This IS Sparta!!


Day 1 notes:

PGCL has some nasty side effects-- ughhh I don't even wanna know what that was that... ewww.. Oh well delts are feeling JACKEDDDDD..

DNP definitely has me feeling a bit warmer. Appetite is zero.

Got a lot of planning done today with setting my my new server. I trade capital markets full time now and I'm trying to plan a smooth daily routine that will keep me healthy physically and mentally.


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been awhile since tmatt was around...points to ponder

PGCL - most over hyped crap ever IMO ... never worked as hyped....did one thing well...obviously you know what that is

2nd - if you are already warm on 250mg of DNP be VERY carful as you ramp up...it will accumulate even on a steady dose....if your warm now by the time your dose peaks you will be living in hell ... i am sure you have thought about this but it bears repeating.

Interesting nonetheless....


Day 2- completely soaked in sweat.. this is @T#ing horrible. I don't remember it being this bad before. This is definitely the real deal DNP. It was cold as hell this morning when I went to the post office and everyone was bundled up and I was in shorts, a tanktop and sandals and was sweating! I never got so many crazy looks in my life!

FYI 6' 218 starting weight at 16% bodyfat with most of the fat on my love handles and lower abs (8 cups of coffee/day--good bye adrenals!) and hips from estrogen build up of 2g/week of gear for 3 years. Little did I know that I didn't need all that gear, just more Zinc, Magnesium and Molybdenum.

Goal is 205 while retaining as much muscle as possible. The PGCL and other supplements are at least keeping me pumped throughout the day. I don't quite have the 800mg/wk of EQ pumps but pretty damn close.

The Adderall XR is absolutely killing my appetite but damn is it an amazing feeling preloading piracetam and choline an hour before taking the adderall. I'll be sitting here reading or cleaning then it's like someone flips on a switch of sharp awareness. It really does give you amazing cognitive skills, I can actually remember girl's names now!!. Aside from having to force-feed myself on a timer, I feel like I could cram for any test in the world and pass it in in just a few days.

As to the comments about the PGCL.. WHHHAT? PGCL works wonders for me brother! I have noticed permanent growth from it. Am actually looking into making a trans-dermal patch with it this weekend.

I can already tell day 4 is going to be pure hell. I might have to buy a kiddie pool and dump icewater in it to watch Playoff football this weekend. I can tell that the fat is literally melting off my body. I'm only going to weigh myself once ever 3-5 days. I drink too many fluids to pay too close attention to that. the PCL is really keeping the water retention down but if I get any hotter I may have to cut back on the gear.

Will update with more specific information over the weekend. Again great to see you guys again! Oh and haha, such prices can still be had Bushy! :wink:


And now you just ignited mine.


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well if you like it you like it....i have never seen anyone with any measureable progress from using it that could not be explained by the other things they were taking...just raging bowel issues and to me thats just not fun


ZMA is better on empty stomach. What dose Metformin?


Converted my Pg-CL into a trans-dermal solution tonight using DMSO and aloe vera gel. I applied it to my biceps and I have to say I am PUMPED as hell!

Yeah the ZMA probably isn't getting absorbed all too well with the Casein protein. Good point.

I take 750mg of metformin (powder form) with each meal.

Day 3 notes..

I'm not a great deal hotter than I was yesterday, so that's a major plus. I noticed that the more carbs I eat the hotter I get. I made some spaghetti and an hour after eating it I really heated up.

Chest and back tomorrow I can't F@#%ing wait!!!

--Testosterone levels are skyrocketing thanks to the HMG, I have that fire back that I have on test cycles.

--Forehead and joints were really hurting when I woke up this morning, I suspect my GH levels are soaring. That or I was rain over by a Hummer H2. If the problem persists I'll reduce the amount of HGH.

--I'm not very friendly to be around, I can't imagine anyone who would be. One of my buddies came by to discuss some trading ideas and he mentioned that I seem different, almost angry. My FWB called me last night at midnight and said that she thought I was mad at her so she didn't come over....

All in the name of science...

Have a great weekend everyone!


just stay angry all the time...then they get used to it



Yeah, you may be able to dose the ZMA a bit sooner, like 45 minutes than the casein?


Well, a little update. I had to decrease the dosage of DNP back to 250mg because I completely soaked my bed on Saturday and Sunday night. It is to the point where it is almost unbearable. I took 4 cold showers a day and sat outside in cool weather for hours at a time but that still didn't work.

Test levels continue to surge. I was on my 5th rep of set 2 of romanian deads and for the first time since my last test/eq/tbol cycle I felt THE RAGE. After only getting 4 reps on my first set I psyched myself up before my second set and the weight felt 50lbs lighter. AHHHH!!! Miss that feeling!!!

Stomach fat seems to be deflating so I am going to make up a trans-dermal yohimbe hcl/gotu kola to help out.

My pumps are insane!! Last time my back pumps were this bad was when I was either taking M1T or >50mg of anavar/day.

Supplement front --

Kava kava > alcohol Holy Basil is the shit and I increased my GABA to 5 grams and moved back ZMA and my dreams are getting crazy!! Time to go have some.


Just and FYI, I basically was an hour away from being in the hospital from this protocol. After day 4, I literally could not stop sweating all day. I had my AC turned to 68 and was still sweating. I did lose 12 lbs in 4 days but I suspect it was mostly water.

I was downright miserable. That was the worst experience ever. I thought I was going to die for a few hours.

Anyhow, I stayed off AAS until next week. :slight_smile:

I tossed at least 10 cycles worth of DNP, I'm swearing it off. NEVER again!

I'm doing a SARMS, CJC 1295, GHRP-2 next for 6 weeks, follow by a Tren, test prop, anavar cycle next.

BBB- $1.75/gram 100gram minimum. :wink: I'll just sprinkle it on my Wheaties like powdered sugar. Breakfast of CHAMPIONS!


This is an interesting thread. Well worth reading lol. To bad the DNP never worked out for ya would have like to see how that went if you would have kept going.


AGreed, but i'd rather see tmatt still among the living way more than the end of the dnp cycle!


750 is very high for first time use -high for any use infact-

I stayed around 400mg and that was tolerable and still got amazing results for short 2 week cycle. I could 'feel' it but it was not as bad as you described. Nothing really compares to dnp cycle if goal is just some quick trimming. I've used it many times to lean out a bit at end of short diet and has always worked well but use fairly low dose though also.


I started the peptides and SARMs on Friday and HOLY @#%$@# SHIT! I feel like GOD.

IGF-1 Des blows IGF-1 lr3 out of the water. (maybe I got bunk lr3 before, who knows). If you do take IGF-1, it is IMPERATIVE that you add acetic acid.


**The proclaimed night vision problems are VERY real on SARMS. I am practically blind at night (which really helps at the club because I don't overreact towards an exceptionally good looking girl).
**You'll know you have real CJC 1295 if you get a major headrush 15-20minutes afterwards. It's pronounced. My blood pressure under normal conditions is 12x/7x but today it was 148/93.
**Did I mention IGF-1 Des is THE BUSINESS!!! Incredible pumps in delts, bis and tris from the IM injects.

Sorry I couldn't handle the DNP longer. I'd rather put down the cheesecake than go through that shit again. If I DID do it again I would do the DNP by itself. I also think the clomid made me more irritated and cranky.

I picked up some Triptorelin and I will report back during my PCT.


I like your willingness to experment interested to see how that works for ya