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Not Improving? Your Conditioning Sucks


Doing the same shit, same weight, and feeling like nothingâ??s happening?
Try this for a 6 week cycle.
Start the cycle:
De-condition for 9 days, that means NO workouts. It does mean stay active, pick up games of B-ball, bike riding, hiking, etc, not sitting on the couch eating potato chips.

Then, perform the following workout twice a week on your off days to spur better recovery from your grueling workouts that leave you sore and smoked. Keep the big lifts, shit can the isolation bullshit. Just heavy 3 days/week with these thrown in between.

Using the standard Tabata Protocol timing (8 rounds, 2:1 work:rest ratio; means 20 seconds of work followed by a 10 sec rest = one round)
If you donâ??t know about Tabata and Kettlebells, go to: www. Midwestkettlebell.com
For more info.

Exercise #1 Jump Rope, medium rhythm
Targets: Cardiovascular, calves, quads. Improves hand-eye coordination. Helps ankle mobility. May or may not aggravate existing knee/ankle problems.
8 Rounds
Approx. 4 minutes total time
Rest 5-10 minutes

Exercise #2 Renegade Rows with Kettlebell or bent over barbell rows
Targets: Entire body with emphasis on Lats, core, biceps, and grip.
NOTE: Will have to drop weight to at least ½ the typical working weight. Wonâ??t be able to rep out with this one, and the reps will decline towards the end.
8 Rounds
Approx. 4 minutes total time
Rest 5-10 minutes

Exercise #3 Kettlebell clean and alternating press (can substitute with dumbbells)
Targets: Delts, triceps, Lats and core if done properly.
NOTE: The reps will be low, 3-4 per arm. Donâ??t go fast, do them right.
8 Rounds
Approx. 4 minutes total time

Total Recovery Workout including rest is only about 25 minutes. You will have worked up a sweat and be breathing hard, but should feel energized, not smoked. This will facilitate recovery from the previous workout.

Tabata protocols can be used as an extremely efficient workout/conditioning tool in their own right, not just as a recovery tool. Again, check out the website mentioned above.

Remember, the better your cardiovascular/respiratory system is, the more reps and volume you will be able to achieve on your power workouts. Donâ??t neglect this aspect or youâ??ll be doomed to stagnation.


Sounds good!


What the fuck is this shit?


I’ll pass thanks.



Considering how most people training inconsistently I find it amusing how so many PT prescribe deconditioning or deload phases.

Look around, people! Too much exercise is NOT what is wrong with Americans or casual gym goers.


Nice plug… This isn’t the “peddle your wares” forum.


Or you could bump up the calories, keep the isolation exercises, and not take unneeded rest from your normal routine.