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Not Holding the Weights on the Bar

I forget what they’re called, by why do some people lift weights without using them to hold the weight in place on the bar? Doesn’t it bother them if the weight moves? I’m also guessing it’s a safety hazard. But I see A LOT of people doing it.

well, i never use them on bench because incase of an emergency you can’t dump the weight if needed and for deadlifting I only use them when there are 4 or more plates(any size per side) on the bar.

and they are typically called -clips- -collars- or -safety clips/collars-

It depends how heavy you are lifting compared to your strength level. Someone benching 350 for 12 probably wont need them because he can easily control the weight. someone attempting a single with 350 probably should use them just incase the bar doesnt go up evenly.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
It depends how heavy you are lifting compared to your strength level.[/quote]
I’d say it also depends on the exercise itself. I don’t really use clips for curls or deadlifts, but pretty much always use them for any pressing and squats.

Quick story: Back when I worked as a floor trainer (walking around the gym “enforcing” the gym house rules), the in-house chiropractor, of all people, was cleaning 135 for reps without the collars on.

After he finished a set of several reps, I noticed that one plate had wobbled a good five or six inches away from where it started. I politely approached him and asked him to put collars on, and he gave me attitude like, “This is what I’ve always done. Don’t you know who I am?” I had to resort to the old “You’ll set a good example for the other members”-line, and then he put them on, gave me a pissed look, and continued.