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Not Hitting Every Rep


Have a quick question.

I'm currently on a program that has a 5 set, 12/10/8/6/15 rep scheme for the bigger lifts.

In the information about the program, it states that if you are able to hit all of your reps in the low rep set, you should increase weight on all of your sets.

My question is what if you aren't hitting the rest of your reps?

For example, let's say I'm on Bench press, and between each set I'm adding 10 lbs.

My final reps may be: 12/8/6/6/12

What do you do?

I feel like this is a muscle endurance issue, so when I stop progressing I may switch over to just straight 4 set/10 reps for a few weeks to build that up, but what would you do now?

Increasing the weight on all sets will probably only make it harder to hit my high rep sets, but I rarely fail on my low rep/heavy weight set. I don't want to stop because I keep increasing the weight I'm pushing.



I used 10/8/6/4/2 for the longest time on bench before i switched it up. You just have to keep hitting it until you get the reps.

If you can smoke your lower reps but your higher reps aren't keeping up....just increase the weight on your lower reps and keep your higher ones the same.

Besides, increasing faster on the 6 rep range will improve your 8-10 rep range. It's all about applying simple solutions to push through.


If this is a structured program, then consult that person or the book where it is written.

Personally, if I was getting stronger on the heavier, lower reps sets, then I would move up in weight. Are the first 2-3 sets a warm-up or difficult?


As it's written, if you hit the weight on your low rep (the 6 in this case), you increase weight on all sets.

Also, the first couple of sets are meant to be difficult for the rep range...so yes they are difficult.

I guess I don't have a wide enough range in weight between my first sets and last sets...perhaps 10 lbs each jump is a bit much.


How much are you increasing the weight each set?

My 5 sets of bench press went like this 135x 8, 185x 6, 225x 5, 275x 4, 325x 3 (help on the last rep)

Bench press is my third exercise of the day but I still use a big ramp because the movement requires quite a bit of coordination. Warming up/preparing for a top set is more than just loosening up the muscle.